Thieves graze on SPCA rabbit food

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Thieves graze on SPCA rabbit food

Rose-Mary Haufiku

In a rather strange break-in, an unspecified number of thieves burgled the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ establishment last week and treated themselves to rabbit food such as carrots.

The thieves, who were caught on surveillance camera, were also seen drinking cold water from the fridge after grazing on the carrots for the tamed rabbits.

This incident was confirmed by SPCA’s national director Hanna Rhodin yesterday. 

“They rummaged our fridge, ate a couple bags of the rabbits’ carrots and stole cookies from the staff,” she said. 

The organisation is known for ensuring the protection and prevention of cruelty to animals.

According to Rhodin, the robbers allegedly drilled three holes in the roof and then disarmed the alarm system to gain access to the building.

Besides the rabbit food treat, the robbers also seized the majority of the company’s computers and other equipment. 

“They stole most of our computers and screens, our microwave, and some other technology. They broke and damaged several parts of the facilities,” she added. 

The value of the stolen and damaged items is yet to be established. 

“We do not have a final amount of the value of the items that were stolen and damaged yet,” Rhodin said, noting that all the animals are luckily secure, and no one was hurt during the robbery. 

“Stealing from a charity organisation is a low blow when we are dependent on members of the community to help and provide a safe haven for homeless animals,” she lamented.