Truckers directed to stop illegal lay-bys

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Truckers directed to stop illegal lay-bys

The Roads Authority has urgently directed all truck drivers to immediately cease setting up illegal lay-bys on the national road network, especially those transporting manganese on the Trans- Orange Corridor (Nakop Border Post via Grunau and Keetmanshoop to the port of Lüderitz). A lay-by is defined as a short strip of road on the side of a main road, where cars may temporarily stop. Illegal lay-bys are strictly prohibited, and truck drivers violating this regulation will face stringent penalties and hefty fines. 

“Trucks that are parked in unauthorised areas on the sides of highways and major roads create hazardous conditions, obstruct visibility, and increase the likelihood of serious accidents. From a road maintenance perspective, this causes excessive damage to road edges and shoulders. Moreover, debris is not contained in these areas, as there is no dustbin, and this causes conflict between the RA and farmers as the debris is hazardous to their livestock,” read an RA statement issued yesterday. 

The RA further reminded all truck drivers and relevant stakeholders that designated rest areas are available throughout the national road network. The existing facilities are designed to provide safe and legal locations for rest breaks and overnight stops. Hence, the RA has requested truck drivers to abide by the road rules, and only utilise the provided areas. 

“Alternatively, transporters should apply for additional rest areas with good motivation as to why the current rest areas cannot be used, and why extra rest areas are required,” the RA stated.