Trustco’s Winna Mariba leaves viewers spellbound

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Trustco’s Winna Mariba leaves viewers spellbound

The popular television game show “Trustco Winna Mariba” powered by NBC returned to local screens on 6 March and has thus far crowned three winners.   

The first winner, Martie McKay, walked away with a cash prize of N$7 600 which was then doubled because she has been a Legal Shield member since

The second episode which aired on Wednesday delivered an unforgettable evening of high-stakes competition and enthralling entertainment.  The second batch of contestants which included Frans Haimbodi, Jafeth Iiyambo, Karel Diergaardt, and Sofia Emiljo, took centre-stage and the group battled for the coveted prize pot. 

Hosted by Neville Basson and Mia de Klerk, the “Wire Game” kicked off the night’s excitement, allowing each participant to contribute a maximum of N$1 000 to the growing prize pot. Unfortunately, Diergaardt made an early exit after contributing the least in round one, leaving the remaining three contestants determined to prove their mettle. 

The spotlight then shifted to the featured game of the night, the intense “Ring Toss”. In a gripping battle that showcased their skills, Haimbodi, Iiyambo, and Emiljo gave their all, but it was Haimbodi and Iiyambo who progressed to the final round, “Grab the Cash”. 

In a thrilling finale that kept viewers on the edge of their seats, Haimbodi emerged victorious, walking away with the total prize pot for the evening, an impressive N$7 950. Unfortunately, and despite his triumph, Haimbodi missed the opportunity to double his winnings as he does not possess a paid-up Trustco product, or a valid NBC TV licence.  

The third episode had Johanna Shakumu, Taimi Kankono, Selma Aukusa, and Reinhard Hillmann as contestants. Reinhard emerged victorious, claiming the grand prize of N$9 850. 

However, the excitement didn’t stop there, as Reinhard’s possession of a valid and paid-up TV license allowed him to double his winnings to a staggering
N$19 700, solidifying his victory.  Rebroadcasts air on NBC2 on Sundays at 19h00, or viewers can catch it on Winna Mariba’s official YouTube page, published every Monday.  Catch episode three on Wednesday at 19h30, when another bunch of contestants play to win various cash prizes through exciting games.  Trustco’s Winna Mariba, promises to continue delivering more excitement, challenges, and unexpected twists, making it a must-watch for audiences craving thrilling game show experiences filled with suspense and fierce competition.