Vandalism at MTC base stations impact service delivery

Home Business Vandalism at MTC base stations impact service delivery

WINDHOEK – Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) has urged the public to refrain from entering base transmitter stations and to stop vandalising the network sites.

The country’s major mobile telecommunications company says it has noticed an upsurge in vandalism of its infrastructure. This escalation in incidents of vandalism of network infrastructure has imposed a huge cost on MTC and creates difficulties for customers in affected areas to enjoy reliable telecommunication services, according to MTC’s General Manager for Network Access & Transmission, Ludwig Tjitandi. Although it is important for MTC that the public refrains from vandalism and trespassing, he emphasised the safety aspect involved with operating in and around any base station. 

“Base transmitter stations are there to provide improved network services to residents in the vicinities, but if vandalism continues, it will hamper the productivity of network services being provided. Secondly, all base stations are equipped with hazardous material that is dangerous, such as batteries, AC power, radiation and diesel which may pose as a serious danger to the pubic without specified safety gear.”

Tjitandi reminded the public to refrain from vandalising or removing any material from any base station. Additionally, he reminded the public that any person caught tampering with any base station can be liable for criminal charges. The various communities that host base stations have also been urged to report any suspicious movement close to any base station to authorities or contact MTC at its Customer Contact Centre.