VIBEZ! – Clothing production graduates venture into tailoring business

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VIBEZ! – Clothing production graduates venture into tailoring business

ONGWEDIVA – Fresh out of college, three female graduates from the Valombola Vocational Training Centre in Ongwediva have decided to create employment for themselves.

The graduates got their National Vocational Certificate in Clothing Production Level Three last month, and they have already established their own separate tailoringbusinesses.

Frieda Kambonde (34), is running her boutique at the PH Lounge complex in Onhuno, and said she opened her business to create employment for herself and others. The boutique has been running successfully since August.

“I am passionate about making clothes, which is why I decided to pursue my dream of running my own business. I specialise in making all types of clothes, be it for women, children or men,” she said.

Kambonde highlighted that the only challenge she has faced so far is some customers not coming to pick up their finished outfits.

And 24-year-old Abertina Gideon from Ondembo in Oshigambo, said she always loved making clothes, assisting her aunt while growing up.

She started her tailoring business in September, but it has been moving slowly because she is new in the market and not well known.

“Growing up, I always wanted to design my own clothes and dress up people in my hand-made clothes. After high school, I decided to apply for the clothing production course at the VTC and follow my dreams,” she smiled.

Gideon said she plans saving money so that she can open her own boutique, because she currently works from home.

“Am not scared of failure because in this kind of business, everyone has their own customers who are loyal to their tailors,” she added.

She said providing good customer service is the best way to build a strong customer foundation, and in running a successful business.

Ester Endjala (28), grew up with her tailoring aunt, and started her own business in July.

She, like Gideon, operates from home, but plans opening a big business and employing others in future.

“For now, I work alone, and currently have a big order for bridesmaids’ outfits. So, having someone to work with would really help. I usually work with my sister, but she just helps here and there,” said Endjala. “Stepping into the VTC to do what I love the most made me really happy. Being able to make my own money and being financially independent is the goal,” she said with enthusiasm.