VIBEZ! – Jaliza becomes first Ma /Gaisa artist to hit a million views

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VIBEZ! –  Jaliza becomes first Ma /Gaisa artist to hit a million views

Slowly becoming the queen of the Ma /gaisa genre, Jaliza recently garnered over a million views on YouTube for her video titled ‘Ti Tsatara’, which was released eight years ago.

The songbird told VIBEZ! that it’s a dream come true as growing up, she watched foreign videos hitting over a million views, but never imagined one day it could be her. “Not in my wildest dream have I thought I will also one day look at my craft generate such interest. It’s not only important for me, but it’s important to those little girls and kids who look up to me; the people who believe in my talent. It makes me feel proud,” she beamed.

The Ma /gaisa genre is distinctively known to be an original Namibian sound next to Oviritje, which does not sometimes enjoy the attention amapiano and afro-house currently get. Asked why this milestone is important to the identity of the country’s sound, she said Ma /gaisa music is unique and deserves this kind of prominence. “I hope the trendsetters of this music, like the great Phura, are smiling in heaven.

 Ma /gaisa will never lose its power or identity. The other genres are mostly trends and they come and go, but Ma /gaisa will always be here. It will just get fused with new sound influences.”

“You know, I’m not one who limits myself to being a Ma
/gaisa artist. I think of myself as a musician, a songwriter, and a versatile vocalist. Those in the genre must draw inspiration from my achievement. I can only contribute by dropping good music, and with my upcoming album, that’s what I’m doing,” she added. 

The song Ti Tsatara has a catchy and vibey type of sound which everybody can resonate with. She says it also sends a message to partners that their significant other is indeed bringing their part in a relationship.

Jaliza is gearing up to release a new album soon, but is currently working on visuals for her latest offering titled Lau Lau for the festive season. “I’m working on my album and visuals to songs on my latest offering, and this week I dropped “Lau Lau. I’m working with KBozz and some great artists. Let me keep my fans guessing, and let them reveal themselves with the dropping of the album.”

Steven Alvin !Naruseb, the brains behind the Next Ma /gaisa Star Search competition, said the genre is one that held much magnitude from the beginning. “Apparent to me is that our people were not essentially aware of all the platforms to truly propagate their craft to the entirety of the world, resulting in us only seeing the breakthroughs of our genre now. Nonetheless, I am beyond pleased to see that we are learning more, and that we still have Ma
/gaisa artists striving to push their careers to the next level.”

“Jaliza is one of the truest epitomes of hard work and dedication fused into one being. She continually works on her craft, presents herself with finesse, and always executes with optimal results, seeing as she ploughs into bettering herself with every single performance. She is a Ma /gaisa artist who really deserves to hit such a milestone,” he observed.

Jaliza has been involved in other notable projects for the past two years, which help the girl-child in different communities. “I’m doing community work through the End Period Poverty Foundation. We collect sanitary products, and provide to indigent communities and girls in schools. We have had a great journey thus far, as we have visited schools in Dordabis, Baumgartsbrunn and Aub. We likewise visited many schools in Windhoek last weekend in One Nation when they hosted youth of Kwanangombe, Ombwa Ilyatotina and the Jerry Ekandjo location.”

To her fans, she ended off by saying: “Thank you for your undying support. A million kisses to all of my fans; let’s continue doing things properly, and let’s reach more milestones together. Let the next million be financial.”