Walvis Bay allocated N$106 million for land development

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Walvis Bay allocated N$106 million for land development

WALVIS BAY – The Walvis Bay town council has allocated 40% of its total capital budget for land development projects. This translates to N$106 million of its N$551 million capital budget to be spent during the 2022/2023 financial year.

The coastal town has been battling with affordable housing and land that has seen more than 50 000 of its residents either living in backyard shacks, or paying high rental fees to landlords.

According to the chairperson of the council’s management committee, Richard Hoaeb, the total amount on the capital budget anticipated to be spent during the ensuing financial year amounts to N$257 million, and the remaining N$294 million during the year ending June 2024 and beyond.

He said the council budgeted N$29 million for the development of Green Valley (Farm 37), whereby two portions will be serviced to yield 727 erven, of which 677 are residential even.

“A further N$14 million has been budgeted for the development of Meersig extension 13, and is expected to yield 96 erven, of which 86 erven are residential. We have also budgeted N$28 million for the development of extension eight in Narraville that will produce 81 plots, of which 71 are residential erven,” Hoaeb noted.

In addition, N$4 million has been set aside to develop a portion of land for the Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia, and N$5 million for erf 4171 in Kuisebmond. Another N$29 million has been allocated for developing and finalising extensions at the town.

As for the remainder of the budget, N$43 million is allocated for service delivery-related projects which involve the implementation, upgrading and replacement of water and sewer infrastructure, as well as the planning and construction of a new wastewater treatment plant. 

“Infrastructure repairs and replacements are allocated N$33 million. This involves the tarring of streets, the resealing and rebuilding of streets and intersections, while we have also set aside N$20 million for our social projects. The primary or main individual projects under this category include the upgrading of Ekutu (stalls on Erf 3994), Narraville cemetery and the Kuisebmond soccer stadium,” Hoaeb stated.

About N$53 million will go towards vehicle replacements and additions. This means N$35 million will go towards vehicle replacements, and N$18 million to buy new vehicles.

Walvis Bay mayor Trevino Forbes stated that the new budget continues to demonstrate the council’s determination to improve service delivery to the residents of Walvis Bay. He emphasised that the council wants to ensure that resources are allocated responsibly to help residents flourish. 

“The budget is our town’s primary policy document. It reflects the council’s priorities, and states many of the council’s goals and objectives. It should reflect community inputs and specific goals while being transparent, measurable and importantly, encourage accountability for us all, thus enhancing the quality of life for all our residents,” he continued.

– edeklerk@nepc.com.na