Walvis Bay residents shun drugs march

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Walvis Bay residents shun drugs march

WALVIS BAY – Walvis Bay residents failed to take a stand against drugs even though the town struggles with the illicit drug trade and abuse that has wreaked havoc in the community.  

Only a handful of community members showed up to take part in a march that took place on Saturday to encourage residents to unite against the illicit trade that has destroyed several lives and families in the Erongo region.

Ironically, four people were recently killed by highly potent crack cocaine in Swakopmund last month. 

Some residents, instead of joining the march, opted to peek through their windows and stood outside their homes, watching how the tiny group called out drug dealers in Narraville and Kuisebmond.

Last week, Walvis Bay-based convicted drug dealers Grant Noble and Dinath Azhar received effective jail terms of seven years each. 

Noble (40) and Azhar (66) were convicted on one count of dealing in cocaine. 

Noble and Azhar were arrested on 15 June 2018 following their arrest after a container they imported were found loaded with 412kg of cocaine, worth an estimated N$206 million. 

Community activist and local authority councillor Ryan Gordon, who organised the march, expressed his disappointment in the low turnout when drugs are a known problem in the community.

“The march was not politically motivated but was supposed to encourage residents of Walvis Bay to unite and say no to drugs that have destroyed so many families in our community. Sadly, nobody joined, apart from the Landless People’s Movement Youth,” he said.

According to him, so many families suffer in silence, as their children are being used as runners by drug dealers. 

He added that Narraville is infested with mandrax that are sold for as cheap as N$20, while crack can be bought for about N$100 and cannabis for as little as N$10. 

“We recently arrested a group of dealers while they were busy spraying cannabis with doom. Other drugs are also laced with deadly substances and can kill our children instantly. That is why we are taking a stand against drugs. We are tired of drugs in the Erongo region and are here for those parents who are suffering. I will continue to fight against drugs, even if I have to do it alone,” Gordon said on Saturday.

LMP youth members also expressed their disappointment against residents, saying some are claiming they are Christians, yet are part of the drug trade.

“We are saying that Namibia is a Christian country but some Christians come straight out of church and continue selling drugs. They claim they are Christians, yet their children are selling drugs. Our youth are being destroyed by drugs, but our churches are turning a blind eye against this social evil. When are we going to stand together and fight with the police to make our country drug and crime free?,” the youth questioned.