Walvis murder suspect seeks bail

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Walvis murder suspect seeks bail

WALVIS BAY- A Walvis Bay fisherman who faces a charge of murder says he acted in self-defence after his victim confronted him over frequenting his residence. 

Malakia Shipanga is accused of fatally stabbing Vilho Haipanguli (36) after being confronted for entering Haipanguli’s yard.

Shipanga appeared in the Walvis Bay Magistrate’s Court where he applied for bail.

He allegedly stabbed Haipanguli in the neck and upper left side of his arm. He died on the spot.

Haipanguli, accompanied by a group of friends, went to the suspect’s home in September last year to confront him for frequenting his yard, despite numerous warnings not to do so.

Shipanga allegedly became aggressive and started pushing Haipanguli around, after which he pulled out a knife and stabbed Haipanguli twice.

Taking the stand, the accused said he just wanted to defend himself after Haipanguli and relatives retaliated by showing up at his house with weapons.

“It was never my intention to kill him. I felt my life was in danger, and saw a need to defend myself,” said Shipanga, who was speaking through an interpreter.

He also told the court that he has been taking care of his family, and they are currently suffering because his incarceration.

Shipanga testified that he is not a flight risk, nor does he have any intentions to abscond.

Prior to the stabbing, Shipanga said he went to the police station in Tutaleni to ask for police to warn Haipanguli, as it was not the first time he had come to his house.

He also stated that after the stabbing, he went to the police station again to report the incident.

“My whole life, I have been in Walvis Bay. My travel documents are also with the investigating officer. All these show that I have no intention to flee the country,” he said.

However, State prosecutor Annakleta Kandjimi, during cross-examination, questioned Shipanga about the murder weapon that he concealed at the police station.

“There is a video showing you removing the weapon, and hiding it in the waiting room. It was only found after officers had watched the video,” she said. She then argued that it was not in the interest of the State to release Shipanga on bail.

She also stated that he is a flight risk, and that it is for his own sake that he remains in police custody.

The case was then postponed to 21 May for the continuation of the bail application.