Walvis searches for ‘incorruptible’ CEO

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Walvis searches for ‘incorruptible’ CEO

WALVIS BAY- The Walvis Bay municipal council is looking for a competent, incorruptible CEO who can lead the local authority.

Council recently finally re-advertised the CEO position that was left vacant last year after the municipality opted not to renew the contract of Muronga Haingura.

Council earlier this year withdrew the initial advertisement to amend the job description as some of the requirements made it difficult to appoint a suitable candidate.

The requirements were more favourable to those serving at village councils and smaller town councils, and excluded the big guns tipped for the position.

Walvis Bay mayor Trevino Forbes yesterday said that they need a new CEO as soon as possible, but that they do not just want to choose anyone.

“We are looking for a firm leader with authority, as our town is very challenging. The person needs to restore the faith of the community and execute all council decisions,” Forbes said.

According to him, they also want to make sure that the town is in capable hands even when they are not in power anymore.

“We want a CEO who understands the town’s dynamic landscape and challenges, and who should also be able to tackle all the issues that the town is dealing with. Therefore, we are looking for the best candidate for the town and its residents, regardless of the person’s political affiliation,” Forbes explained.

Walvis faces a raft of challenges, including frequent fires gutting makeshift backyard rooms packed in close proximity as a result of a growing population looking for work in the coastal town. 

In May, during a council meeting, residents accused the council of running the town like a cuca shop and failing to deliver land for affordable housing.

Armed with placards, several residents protested from the public gallery in chambers and demanded that councillors stop debating and focusing on the missing N$24 million from the Massive Urban Land Servicing project, and rather focus on land servicing.

The protestors shouted that thousands of residents are in need of land but the current council has not delivered anything, despite being in office for almost two years. They apparently debate on non-issues while the housing and land crises are not

The chairperson of the management committee, Richard Hoaeb, yesterday also said that a daunting task awaits the new CEO and hopes that suitable candidates apply this time around.

“Our new CEO must definitely have extensive knowledge and understanding in local authority matters and should be open-minded but firm. The candidate really has a huge task ahead as our residents demand development and progress. However, we are positive that we will find a suitable candidate this time around,” Hoaeb said.

During the first round, council received 30 applications for the position, but only five candidates met the set criteria and were shortlisted.