Water restrictions Impose a dry Run For RC Races

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WEEK-END water restrictions have hampered the Radio Control National Car racing calendar this year, preventing the regular events from taking place, with the last meeting held well over two months ago.

With 11 races planned on the calender, two races have already been cancelled due to the water shut down, said Guido Koch (Chairperson SKW Radio Control Car Club).  He explained that with the Municipality enforcing water restrictions to the companies and sporting events on specified week- ends, sadly most of the races fell on these days.

With the dates already planned the club didn’t have leeway to move the races around, resulting in the 2013 championship calendar being shortened.

“Because we are racing the RC cars on a dirt track, it is necessary to keep it sufficiently wet throughout the races to ensure that the pint sized machines do not get damaged and to reduce the dust build up,” said Guido.

“We experienced one race without being able to water the track, and it was chaos because the cars constantly bump into each, and the dust clogs up the air filters,” he said, adding. “Besides it is also not good for spectators to sit in clouds of dust.

“We have seen a dip in the junior category but an increase in entries this year, especially in the three senior categories namely the Buggy, Druggy and Monster Trucks, with top of the range machines competing, he said.

“We have the latest RC technology and big brand names hot off the international circuits taking part, the same models that race the world circuits are on our track. ”

He said that the sport is well supported, and that a good race day we have field of over 20 state-of-the art machines, with racing ready to resume again this month.

By Donna Collins