Where is all the fun?

Home International Where is all the fun?

THESE days I hardly can tell where the fun is because at the places where the people are supposed to go for fun it is violence and crime that prevail.

One Saturday night I was bored when my friend suggested we go out. We went to a watering hole in Eveline Street also known as E-Street.

I was not really on it, but because of boredom I went. That night I decided to just sit on the car’s boot and observed the scene unravel before me.

I might say it was fun watching, but what was happening was not good at all. Because all I was seeing was the opposite of fun. While sitting there a guy jumped out of nowhere and grabbed a lady’s phone. The way she ran for it was like watching an action movie “mmh,” too bad she didn’t get it back.

I saw people picking fights with each other, for a moment I wondered if they came to E-Street merely to fight or to have some fun.

While sitting there I observed enough to make me not go back to that place anymore, but that was not my last day there.

Strange hey? Because when places are that dangerous people need to keep away, but those places are always packed even more than churches on Sundays.

I am sure some even witness death but they still go back to the exact same spot.

I keep asking myself lots of questions. Why do we go there even knowing how dangerous it is? I mean we call those places fun.

We go out to have fun, but when I go there I must make sure I leave my phone at home or else I will be running in my high heels to get it when someone grabs it.

I must ensure I don’t move a distance from there alone, or else I will lose everything I have, sometimes even my clothes. When you stick around you might witness big fights, death or worse, you might become a victim.

Lots of people have experienced this but “jah” they still go back. What I find even crazier is that you will lose your things even your life, while others sit and watch without helping you. I mean I saw how that woman ran in her heels but no one even bothered helping her to catch the thief. They act like they don’t see anything. You will be murdered and all they do is gawk as if they are watching TV.

I expected those places to be more fun than when I am home bored and want a place to go and have fun, without the fear of losing my things or my life, but with everything that is happening I can hardly tell where.

So my people where is the fun at?  Because home just happens to be so boring sometimes. – Eewa

By Sabina Elago