Woman denied bail for murder of boyfriend

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A woman was denied bail for stabbing her boyfriend to death when she appeared in the Katutura Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

Gloria Hiakaere, 33, allegedly fatally stabbed her boyfriend in Katutura.

It is not clear what transpired and led to the incident.

She was arrested last week on Thursday and charged with murder.

Her rights to legal representation were explained to her, and she indicated she would apply for a government funded attorney.

Magistrate Hileni Kavara remanded the matter to September 30 for further investigations and a legal aid application by the accused. Prosecutor Sirka Nangoro objected to bail being granted, as “we fear that she might interfere with investigations and the witnesses.”

New Era recently reported that 10 per cent of people in abusive relationships are men, according to a study by the Legal Assistance Centre (LAC).

This violence takes on different forms, which include verbal abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, denial of conjugal rights, financial exploitation and at times even physical abuse by selfish female partners.

Statistics from the Gender-Based Violence Protection Unit, formerly known as the Women and Child Protection Unit, indicate that from January to May this year, 88 men reported they endured abuse at the hands of their partners.

According to senior counsellor at Lifeline/Childline Namibia, Dina Petrus, there are men who endure all forms of abuse, including physical abuse, in their relationships but they “do not come out for fear of being ridiculed”.