Would-be bridegroom commits suicide over wedding postponement

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A 36-year-old man who was initially supposed to get married this coming Saturday, December 12, reportedly shot himself with a hunting rifle because his wedding was postponed to May next year by his in-laws.
The incident happened in Gobbets at Taka settlement, Burgher No. 5, Gobbets Area. Willem Kaiser shot himself this past Saturday at about 06h00. He used a powerful .303 hunting rifle.

Kaiser arrived from Windhoek on Friday at Taka location where he overnighted before he shot himself on Saturday morning.

Kaiser left a suicide note on his laptop indicating that he took his life because the wedding was postponed, according to a statement issued by the Namibian Police spokesman, Inspector Slogan Mathews.

Kaiser was scheduled to get married on December 12 but the family of the bride-to-be postponed the wedding to May 2016 because there were allegations that Kaiser was having an affair with another woman.

“According to sources close to the deceased, it is alleged that the deceased had since the beginning of the year threatened to take his life if the wedding was going to be cancelled,” remarked Mathews.
Kaiser was employed by the Ministry of Defence in Windhoek.

In an unrelated murder case at Okahao in Omusati Region, a 50-year-old man is expected to appear in the Okahao Magistrate’s Court today after he allegedly shot his younger brother who hacked his car with a panga.
The incident happened at Okangala village near Okahao.

Mathews said there had been a long family feud between the brothers and this past Saturday, the victim, the now deceased Oiva Shoombe, took a panga and went to confront his older brother (the suspect) at his residence.
Mathews said that when the older brother saw his brother approaching his residence with a panga he took out his shotgun.

“It is further alleged that the deceased confronted the suspect. The suspect ran away with his shotgun in the hand to avoid the fight and when the suspect ran away, the deceased then turned to the suspect’s vehicle, a Toyota pick-up, that was parked at the premises and started hacking it with the panga.

“The suspect shot the deceased with a shotgun twice in the body and he died on the spot,” said Mathews.