Youth must innovate to overcome economic blues

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WINDHOEK – With the country finding herself in a tough economic climate, the youth should start coming up with innovative ideas that will help save the country’s economy, create employment and contribute to the development of the country.

Advises student, Shoki Kandjimi.  “I believe that through innovation we can reach a lot in this fourth industrial revolution, and we can actually set trend for the world,” adds he, pointing out that innovation is very important because young people can create new products and services that will change the way they do things by bringing new machinery for instance.

 “We also need ideas that will help curb problems that we are faced with in Namibia, like housing. We need to find ways that will make housing affordable to the masses,” explains Kandjimi, saying the reason for encouraging young Namibians to innovate is because he sees potential in them and the impact it can have for the country. 

Kandjimi, who is also part of the Young Achievers Empowerment Project (YAEP) and Vice-Chairperson of the Namibia National Students Organisation (Nanso) in the Khomas Region, also encourages fellow students to pay attention to their studies, as education is crucial for the development of the country. “With education, we can address so much like changing and alleviating poverty in our communities. Education is the key that can open many doors and opportunities for young Namibians.”

Apart from that, Kandjimi also encourages young people to take part in the voting system of the country, as many people who go cast their votes are mostly the elderly because they understand the importance of taking part in this democratic process. “Statistics has shown that young people are not eager to vote. 

Therefore, I urge young people to go take part in the upcoming presidential and national assembly elections in November because they have to choose leaders who will lead them for the next five years,” says Kandjimi, adding the ballot of a young person is to send a clear message to leaders that she/he would like to see change in the country and shaping their future with their vote.

He says the good part about the youth voting is that there is a chance to play an active role in the democracy and politics of the country.  “Voting also gives you the right to complain and demand accountability form the public officials you vote for. Start familiarising yourself with the different political parties in Namibia and see which one suits you and the country. You don’t lose anything, your vote counts.”

Kandjimi serves as the Communications Manager at Namibia University of Science and Technology (Nust) FM. In 2018, he completed a Bachelors of Journalism and Media Technology at Nust. He is currently pursuing a bachelor’s of Communications Honours at Nust. “I also serve as an Executive Member of the Public Relations Institute Association (Prisa) Namibia.”