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Maria Amakali

Windhoek-The bail conditions of a man facing a murder charge for the death of his colleague that he allegedly shot at a bar in November last year were amended to allow him an opportunity to seek employment.

Julian Dawson, 38, is facing a charge of murder following the fatal shooting, which resulted in the death of his work colleague, 35-year-old Sheku Bonifatius Tjihepo, on December 12, 2016.

Dawson through his defence attorney Sarel Maritz, pleaded with the court that his reporting time to the police station be amended, so that the murder suspect can seek employment in Windhoek.

Dawson, who was granted bail of N$10,000 after three months in the holding cells, was informed by the court that he must report himself on Mondays and Fridays between the hours of 08h00 and 17h00 at Rehoboth police station, which restricted his movement.

According to the prosecution, Tjihepo died after one bullet penetrated his chest and another bulet struck him in the back during the shooting, which emanated from a fight that broke out earlier between the deceased and Dawson.

It is alleged that while in the company of friends and colleagues a fight broke between the two, following which Dawson took out a gun and fired three shots at random outside a local bar in the Ausspannplatz area of Windhoek.

During his bail application Dawson informed the court that he fired three warning shots to ward off a looming attack on himself before the altercation between him and Tjihepo, and later fired another two warning shots into the air when two other men attacked him from behind following the brawl with Tjihepo.

While still at the bar Dawson got into another fight with yet another customer and once again fired three rounds into the air. Dawson told the court that Tjihepo was shot when they started wrestling for the gun and that he never intended to kill him as he acted in self-defence.

It is suspected that alcohol was a major contributing factor in the fatal shooting, as the murder suspect and victim were both said to be under the influence.

Magistrate Sebby Alweendo then amended Dawson’s bail conditions and remanded the matter to June 23 for investigations and for the docket to be brought to court.