• November 27th, 2020



Star of the week - Debmarine Namibia

Our star of the week is none other than Debmarine Namibia which acquired a Covid-19 PCR testing machine that is licensed to conduct Covid-19 tests valued at more than N$3.6 million, along with 10 000 testing kits.


The other side of Geingob

On the occasion of his 79th birthday, New Era had the privilege of interviewing President Hage Geingob and getting know what keeps him going considering the hectic demands of a head of state.


Communities want improved radio network coverage

Late afternoon at /Uibes in the Daweb constituency in the Hardap region, Chrizelda Witbooi holds a three-metre improvised radio antenna made from wire and stick, protruding above the roof, while her husband Dawid !Homchob tunes the radio in the hope to get radio frequency from the national radio broadcast in their local Nama language. 


Star of the Week - Rosalia Hipondoka

Our Star of the Week is none other than 23-year-old Rosalia Hipondoka who started a Missing Person Unit along with musician Top Cheri, recording artist CHANA as well as an advocate of change, Sigourney Hoses.


OPINION: Moving forward despite Covid-19

This unprecedented time calls for unprecedented measures, such as requesting employees to work during the weekend or work extra hours. Now more than ever, employees and employers are required to work in unison to move forward, despite challenges brought by Covid-19.


Mujoro on 2020 polls, political party funding

The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) feels to curb disinformation and fake news on poll results on social media, the commission has taken a conscious decision to create and appoint a new corporate communication manager to develop a communication strategy and coordinate its response to the negative impact of fake news and misinformation.


Star of the Week - Liina Risager

Our Star of the Week is Liina Risager, a jobless woman, who spent her 50th birthday by feeding and donating several items to a destitute family from the Goreangab informal settlement.


Star of the Week - Bience Gawanas

Our Star of the Week is no other than our very own Bience Gawanas who was last week elected to the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) board of trustees for the next three years.



On this noteworthy day, Africa day, Africans from all corners of the globe come together under the banner of Pan-African solidarity, to celebrate a day which symbolises our victory over the yoke of colonial oppression. Today, we celebrate African pride, unity and determination. Pride in our heritage, culture and determination to continue the struggle of our forefathers to transform Africa into a global powerhouse. As espoused in our blueprint for the future of our continent, Agenda 2063, it is a day on which we express “our Pan-African drive for unity, freedom, progress and collective prosperity”. 


Star of week - Health workers

Health workers, namely cleaners, specialist physicians, GPs, nurses, lab technicians, among others, in this sector, rendering auxiliary services are our Stars of the Week for selflessly being at the frontline in the battle against the coronavirus.


‘It’s hard being a woman in Namibia’

International Women’s Day will be observed this Sunday, under the theme ‘I am Generation Equality: Realising Women’s Rights”. The theme is aligned with UN women’s new multigenerational campaign, Generation Equality, which marks the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action.


Star of the Week - TransNamib

Our Star of the Week is the national rail services operator, TransNamib, whose unqualified audit for the past financial year confirmed that during the 2019/2020 the state-owned enterprise generated revenue of N$517 million, representing a 10.5 percent year-on-year increase.


African Diaspora: Beyond the year of return

The first set of African slaves are said to have landed in the Americas in 1502. History has it that in 1833 several slave-owning countries including Britain, France, Spain, and Portugal agreed to stop the practice although many of them and others continued the practice up to even beyond the 1880s. 


FOCUS: Coronavirus battle in China: Processes and prospects

Since the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) epidemic broke out in Wuhan in late December 2019, the Chinese government has taken robust measures to curb the spread of the deadly virus, most notably a full quarantine on Wuhan, the epicentre of the outbreak, and strong control and preventive measures in such metropolitan areas as Beijing and Shanghai as well as other population centres around China.


NCS must promote HIV treatment as important prevention tool

WINDHOEK - The Country Director for the joint United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS) in Namibia has encouraged nurses working in Namibian Correctional Services (NCS) facilities all over the country to encourage inmates to voluntarily undergo HIV testing and to initiate those who need treatment early. 


Star of the Week: Gwanyena family

Our Star of the Week goes to the Gwanyena family for donating 100 chairs and desks to the value of N$86 000 to the Oomanya Combined School situated in the Okashana Koomanya, where the family hails.


Star of the Week: Dr Helena Ndume

Our Star of the Week goes to eye surgeon Dr Helena Ndume and five other ophthalmologists from Namibia and the United States of America (USA). Notable for her charitable work amongst sufferers of eye-related


What about Syria’s Idlib?

Idlib is bleeding. Radical Islamists, who lost the war in Syria, are trying to retain power in the country’s north-western province at the cost of civilian lives. In fact, this is the final obstacle to peace in the country. Idlib province in Syria is the largest al-Qaeda safe haven.


NCS runs thriving WFP-supported project

GOBABIS - The Governor for Omaheke Region, Festus Uitele, has commended the Namibia Correctional Service (NCS) through the NCS-run penal facility at Gobabis for taking innovative steps to ensure food security, which is linked to health outcomes, in its facilities.


Toe to toe with coach Ricardo Mannetti

Former Brave Warriors coach Ricardo Mannetti recently sat down with New Era for a candid interview, in which spoke at great length on a variety of issues, including the hot topic of his employment contract, if he is still head coach of the national team and other related matters affecting Namibian football.


UNODC, WFP alliance pays off

GOBABIS - In June, 2019 Marvel (not his real name), an inmate, watched in fascination as John Francis Serwanga, a hydroponics technician, supervised the setting up of a hydroponic greenhouse at Gobabis


Impalila residents feel left out

Cruising in a boat en-route to the Island of Impalila situated at the confluence of two mighty rivers, Zambezi and Chobe, is a utopian experience of unimaginable proportions, but not for locals who feel they have been pushed to the periphery for far too long.


Our threat is not LPM or PDM

Windhoek Rural Constituency is the most vast constituency in terms of spatial and geographic boundaries in the Khomas Region. The constituency has been under control of the opposition until 2004 when Fredrick Arie became its first Swapo

Had I known before – sex is not love

WINDHOEK - Maria was born in Windhoek 19 years ago and has been staying with her mother and siblings ever since. When I first met Maria three years ago, she was six months pregnant and seriously affected by the new developments.


Conservation Agriculture: Learning and Adapting Together

WINDHOEK - Namibia has been experiencing variability in rainfall over the past three agricultural seasons due to the climate change effects experienced the world over. As a result, innovative mechanisms to help small-scale crop farmers deal with climate change and to improve their resilience are needed. The practice of Conservation Agriculture (CA) is one such mechanism. 


Star of the Week: Trevor Brockerhoff

Our Star of the Week is Trevor Brockerhoff for having taken the risk of leaving the Department of Legal Aid to recently open up his own law firm - Brockerhoff Legal Practitioners. Growing up with a strong and fiercely independent single mother is one


We want SME Bank closed: Muniaro

With Workers Day a mere two weeks away, New Era reproduces this interview from June 2017, between National Union of Namibian Workers (NUNW) Secretary-General Job Muniaro and New Era Managing Editor Toivo Ndjebela


Tsumkwe grapples with out-of-service mortuaries

TSUMKWE – Dysfunctional mortuaries in Tsumkwe settlement have put a strain on residents of Tsumkwe constituency. Since 2015, the mortuary at Tsumkwe Health Clinic has been unusable, at times forcing residents to travel hundreds of kilometers with their dead.


Flash from the past

In this exclusive interview, Editor of New Era Chrispin Inambao interviewed the then president of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee while visiting Namibia in 2016 on a plethora of contemporaneous issues, ranging from the two countries’ bilateral ties to the renowned academic’s career as a journalist and his inimitable work ethic. 


A nation of sport champions

WINDHOEK -Despite her relatively pocket size population of about 2,5 million inhabitants, the Land of the Brave has unbelievably surpassed many expectations, including her own.


Curriculum reform aims to address inclusivity

WINDHOEK - For years now running, thousands of learners have been falling by the wayside of the education system. Some have not been able gaining the requisite points for promotion to the next level for the Grade 10s, or to enter university for Grade 12s. 


Are Namibians healthier 29 years after?

WINDHOEK – To address inequities, correcting disparities and imbalances of the past in the provision of health services, then Minister of Health and Social Services then, Dr Nickey Iyambo, issued a policy statement in March 1990, entitled Towards Achieving Health for All Namibians: A Policy Statement.


Women who have brought change

As the world celebrates International Women’s Day today, New Era journalist Alvine Kapitako in collaboration with the Namibia Red Cross Society (NRCS) profiled some women who have dedicated their time to make their communities better.  The secretary-general of the NRCS, Bernadette Bock applauded Namibian women who are making a difference in their communities.


Empowering rural women through training

WINDHOEK - There is a need to look at ways on creating avenues that would result in more women occupying roles in traditional authorities. This would address some of the social ills women in rural areas are experiencing because of laws that do not necessarily favour women. 


Author opens up on her work and poetry

WINDHOEK - Growing up, Sarah Goroh did not know that she would one day be an inspirational writer.  In fact, she was the “shy girl” who did not necessarily think she’d end up inspiring people with her inspirational writings and quotes, which are occasionally published in  New Era. 


Star of the Week: Job Akwaake

Our Star of the Week is Job Akwaake, a Keetmanshoop nurse who courageously risked his own life and waded through strong currents in the flooded Blouwes River in a frantic attempt to get an 11-month-old baby girl to the Keetmanshoop State Hospital for urgent medical attention.

Zelna Hengari on turning NWR around

Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) Managing Director Zelna Hengari shares – in conversation with Toivo Ndjebela – how she turned the hospitality company into a self-sustaining entity that no longer gobbles up state money through bailouts and heavy subsidies.   


Defiant Barry Rukoro waxes lyrical

Out-of-contract Namibia Football Association (NFA) long-serving secretary-general Barry Rukoro (BR) appeared on NBC’s hard-hitting current affairs programme One on One this week with presenter Patrick Sam (PS) regarding a myriad of issues dogging Football House. Here is the transcript of their conversation.


Star of the Week: Ryan Simasiku Nyambe

Our Star of the Week is Katima Mulilo-born professional footballer Ryan Simasiku Nyambe who put up an impressive display during his championship team Blackburn Rovers’ FA Cup replay against the English Premiership campaigners on Tuesday.


How we did it ...Top performers speak

During the official release of the Grade 12 National Senior Secondary Certificate (NSSC) Ordinal Level results for full-time and part-time learners yesterday, some learners who were declared best nationally spoke to reporter Pinehas Nakaziko.


Namdia’s Hamutenya: We sell diamonds, not bananas

Namib Desert Diamonds (Namdia) says it has had a very successful business run since its establishment some two years ago. But New Era Senior Journalist Albertina Nakale wanted to hear more from CEO Kennedy Hamutenya, especially the negative Namdia headlines in the local press.


PM clarifies retirement issue

There are several officials in the ranks of government and government enterprises, seemingly still clinging to their jobs after they have reached the retirement age and this has not gone well with unemployed university graduates, who feel their time has come to replace these old hands.


Ongombo West: Farmworkers who failed as farmers

WINDHOEK - Normally when one visits a farm, they expect a welcoming farming environment that consists of the bleating of goats, the mooing of cattle, bawling, not to mention the cackle of chickens. Alas, that is not the greeting one got at Ongombo West. Especially on the section of the farm allocated to the former farm employees, who did so well as farmworkers but apparently have failed to prosper as farm owners.


How land policy in Zim led to ruin

FEW countries have failed as spectacularly, or as tragically, as Zimbabwe has over the past decade. Zimbabwe has been transformed from one of Africa’s rare success stories into one of its worst economic and humanitarian disasters.


Halfway on, world off-mark on AIDS war - UNAIDS

PRETORIA - A senior United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS) official says that although notable progress has been made globally against HIV and AIDS, the world is still off the mark with respect to targets related to combating the epidemic.


Star of the Week: Dr Itah Kandjii- Murangi

Our Star of the Week is the Minister of Higher Education Minister Dr Itah Kandjii- Murangi for her swift intervention that saved the jobs of 44 workers who were retrenched at the Namibian Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT).


Common Development and a Shared Future

The Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) held recently in Beijing, China was a great success, during which leaders from China and 53 African countries opened a new chapter for China-Africa relations.


Church has a role to mitigate GBV - Kapere

WINDHOEK - Violence being perpetuated against women and children is persistent because of complacency in all levels of leadership, including the church leaders to address the root causes of such violence, according to the former secretary-general of the Council of Churches (CCN), Reverend Maria Kapere.