Corridor group keeps truckers’ health in check

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Corridor group keeps truckers’ health in check

WAVIS BAY – Truckers endure lengthy hours on the road, often separated from their families, navigating challenging terrains and coping with the demands of their profession. 

Recognising the unique challenges faced by truck drivers, the Walvis Bay Corridor Group (WBCG) organised a Wellness Day just outside Swakopmund, offering a variety of services to enhance the physical, mental and emotional well-being of these essential workers.

The marketing manager at WBCG, Maria Paulus, said the initiative, which started in 2021 with the distribution of hampers, evolved in 2022 to include a wellness focus. 

This year’s ‘Thank a Trucker & Truckers’ Wellness Day’ sought to provide health and wellness screening services, fostering awareness about overall health among truck drivers.

“We used this campaign to appreciate the truck drivers for their efforts and continuous commitment towards road safety by handing out goody bags, but I decided to incorporate the health aspect as well,” she noted. 

Paulus highlighted that the wellness clinics are strategically located along the roads, and they aim to make it easier for truckers to access services, acknowledging their busy schedules that often prevent visits to health centres.

Community healthcare worker Matias Nangolo elaborated that their focus at the Swakopmund roadblock was to provide cholesterol, diabetes and glucose level testing, as well as HIV testing.

 “We also did prostate cancer screening, and provided information on pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), as well as antiretroviral treatment (ART),” he said.

Representing Erongo governor Neville Andre, his personal assistant Michael Jimmy said the occasion serves as a heartfelt tribute to the dedicated men and women in the trucking industry, and the crucial role they play in society. 

“The event captures the essence of our gathering – gratitude and well-being. It is a day to express our appreciation for the truckers, who tirelessly transport goods across our nation, ensuring that essential supplies reach their destinations promptly and efficiently. Without their unwavering dedication, the wheels of commerce and industry would grind to a halt,” he noted. –