FNB talks about touch screen ATM’s

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FNB Namibia has introduced ATM touch screens and alerted the public recently to the use of these. Brandon Brock, manager of FNB’s ATM department, says it seemed as if some people were not aware of the touch screens and would cancel the transaction if they do not see the buttons.

“It is, however, a touch screen and customers are urged to continue with their transaction by touching on the screen.” He explained that the older ATM’s had four buttons on each side of the screen, while the new touch screen has no buttons on the side at all.

The bank said the first touch-screen ATM was rolled out in September 2015 at the Mega Lifestyle Centre close to Grove Shopping Mall.
“As the leading bank in Namibia we constantly keep up with new trends and innovations. Technology is moving towards touch screens and ATMs are also moving in this direction,” says Brock. He added that, “If customers do not see any buttons on the side of the screen, they should touch the screen to make the selection of the transaction they would like to perform.

“If performing a card-less transaction, they should press the screen or the proceed button to access the card-less menu. Further to access card-less services like card-less cash withdrawals and eWallet, customers are encouraged to press the ‘proceed’ button on the ATM keypad.”