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Men should stop betting and build houses - Uutoni

2023-12-13  John Muyamba

Men should stop betting and build houses - Uutoni

DIVUNDU – Urban and rural development minister has urged men to join the shack dwellers’ federation to be able to build houses and provide shelter for their families as opposed to participating in sports betting and engaging in other irresponsible activities.

Uutoni said the Shack Dwellers’ Federation of Namibia housing projects are predominantly dominated by women, “who are now accommodating men in their houses and being abused by them in their own homes”. 

This, he said, is disappointing.

“I can see that there is a lot of commitment from our mothers; they are the ones putting in more effort. Men, this thing of betting but you do not have a house, and you finish all your money there. Come and join the group of shack dwellers’ federation,” he said.

Uutoni said this Thursday while unveiling the 23 one-bedroomed houses built under the Shack Dwellers’ Federation programme at Divundu in collaboration with the Pupkewitz Foundation and the line ministry. The minister also broke ground for 21 new houses to be built next to the ones he unveiled.

He added that men should take the responsibility of providing shelter for their families, and not leave it to women alone. 

In relation to the assistance given to the federation from the ministry and Pupkewitz Foundation, Uutoni said, with such initiatives, sponsors want to see if their money is put to good use. 

“We are not only here to come and cut the ribbon… The federation and sponsors also want to see that the money allocated to you – of course, you are also contributing – is bearing positive results or not, and that is why we are here. Every cent spent on whatever activity needs to be exposed to the public, and we need to know whether it was spent correctly,” he said.

The minister further indicated that he was delighted to be speaking to an audience that can make a difference in the struggle against inequality, poverty and homelessness.

He said the government acknowledges the challenges within the housing industry, and it is geared towards the provision of decent housing as one of the key development priorities in the country’s National Development Plans. 

“I, thus, believe that there is no challenge too difficult for us to overcome if we put our hands together. It is, therefore, imperative that we, the government, the private sector and the community pull together to fulfil the Harambee Prosperity Plan of the Namibian house,” he said. 

Uutoni explained that the government’s financial commitment over the years towards housing reaffirms its support so that ordinary citizens can have decent and affordable housing with improved sanitation.

“Therefore, if we continue with this, our people, mostly low-income earners, will afford shelter. What we are handing over today gives a moment of hope. This is a moment when the dreams of fellow Namibians who need a decent shelter over their head are being turned into reality,” he said.

Redcliff Ndjoze, on behalf of the Pupkewitz Foundation, said access to affordable housing is a key determinant of good health because when housing is affordable, accessible and safe, neighbourhoods thrive.

“As partners, we wish to invest heavily in the development and protection of the society in which we operate,” he said.

Ndjoze hailed the partnership and collaboration of the government and private stakeholders, saying it honours the call of the country’s national development plan.

“The partnership between the Pupkewitz Foundation and Ohorongo pursue to identify and accelerate community-led policy, as well as system changes that support innovative funding strategies that better connect housing and health sectors,” he said. -

2023-12-13  John Muyamba

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