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City Police Traffic Tips: How to apply for a Public Vehicle Certificate

2022-11-24  Staff Reporter

City Police Traffic Tips: How to apply for a Public Vehicle Certificate

Community policing officer


All vehicles that transport goods or passenger for reward or hire within the City of Windhoek are required to be duly registered and issued with a municipal registration certificate. This requirement is in accordance with the provision of regulation 94 of the Street and Traffic Regulations, 1930, as amended. City Police is the one responsible for registration of taxis and issuing of registration certificates to public motor vehicles. According to our records, we have approximately 5000 vehicles registered and operating as taxis in Windhoek. Vehicle owners or drivers must know that it is a punishable offence to operate a vehicle for hire or reward without a municipal registration certificate. 

This requirement simply means that if you want to operate a taxi within the Windhoek Municipal area, you must first bring your vehicle to the Windhoek City Police office for registration and be issued with a registration certificate, also known as a “blue paper”.  This blue paper is the permit that allows you to operate a taxi within the City of Windhoek. 

The vehicle is required to have a valid transportation permit if it is to be registered as a taxi. The driver must also be registered as stated in regulation 284 of the Road Traffic and Transport Act 22 of 1999 (the Act), which says that “an operator must be identified and registered if they operate a vehicle conveying passengers for reward”. Further, a driver is not allowed to convey passengers for reward unless their driving license is endorsed with a professional authorisation (PA), as per regulation 127 (1) (b) of the Act. 


Procedural guide:

The owner who wishes to apply for a municipal registration certificate must come to the Windhoek City Police office in person

The driver shall bring along original identification documents and driver’s licence 

The driver’s licence must be endorsed with a professional authorisation (PA) 

The vehicle must be in possession of a valid transportation permit issued by the Ministry of Works and Transport, in terms of Road Transport Act, 1977 (Act 74 of 1977).

The owner must present the vehicle for inspection by an authorised officer

Both driver and owner will be screened for outstanding traffic tickets and warrant of arrest

No renewal or new certificate will be issued if owner or driver have a warrant of arrest or accumulated more than five traffic tickets.

Upon successful registration, the vehicle will be issued with a unique identification number.

With all the above requirements met, a registration certificate (blue paper) valid for six months is issued. This certificate authorises a taxi to operate within the city. 

For more information about the public vehicle registration certificate (Blue Paper), please contact the Windhoek City Police at:


Tel: (061) 290 2239


SMS: 4444


For any assistance on crime and traffic-related issues, do not hesitate to call the City Police call Center 061-302 302/2902239 or SMS 4444

2022-11-24  Staff Reporter

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