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Crocs kill three in the first week of January

2024-01-09  John Muyamba

Crocs kill three in the first week of January

 RUNDU - Environment ministry spokesperson Romeo Muyunda has cautioned riverine communities who majorly depend on water-based activities along the Kavango River to be extra cautious. 

Naturally, one cannot tell these communities to refrain from using the river as it’s their livelihood source; some cross to visit relatives on the other side of the river; others fetch water for household use; while more bath and do laundry along the banks of the river. 

However, the ministry says in case they need to make use of it for various reasons, they should be wary of the danger lurking there. Children should likewise not be allowed to endanger their lives by going there on their own. 

“The ministry is cautioning community members who live in human-wildlife conflict-prone areas to be vigilant, and guard against possible attacks by wild animals. 

We have noted concerning incidents in the Kavango East region, where several people were fatally attacked by crocodiles in January,” he emphasised. 

Muyunda’s warning comes in the wake of recent croc attacks along the Kavango river in the Kavango East region. 

On 1 January, a crocodile caught and killed a 32-year-old female resident of Shikoro village, who was identified as Mudi Muhembo. She was attacked while fetching water from the river, and her body was recovered the same day. The second deadly attack took place on 4 January at Mutjiku village in the same region. Here, a 17-year-old victim identified as Peter Bunewero Kuwananayo was attacked and killed while fetching water. 

“Muitjiku is one of the villages which received a fully-equipped borehole, funded through the Game Products Trust Fund for human-wildlife conflict mitigation, particularly involving crocs,” Muyunda added. 

“A 50-year-old Namibian man was severely injured by a hippo at Marema village in the Kavango West region last year on 13 December. The victim is receiving treatment in hospital. 

All these incidents are regrettable for the ministry. We continue to engage in human-wildlife conflict mitigation and prevention measures, including water installations for affected communities. We do not wish to lose precious Namibian lives as a result of wildlife. We sincerely offer our condolences to the bereaved families in this regard,” he noted. 

Still, in the first week of January, a nine-year-old Namibian boy who had been in Angola during the holidays was attacked and killed by a crocodile at a village along the Kavango River called Kafuro, which is located across Mazana village, just east of Rundu. “It’s alleged that four minors, including the victim, went to fetch water at the river on the Angolan side in the morning hours of 5 January when a crocodile grabbed one,’’ said the Kavango East’s acting regional police commander Eino Nambahu, who broke down the details for New Era. 

“The deceased is a Namibian, identified as Kambinda Mateus Kambinda, who was in Angola for a holiday. No inquest was registered as the attack occurred on the Angolan side,” he continued. 

After the attack, a search was conducted the following day, and some remains were found on a small island in the middle of the river. 

On Sunday, the search team comprising environment officials and Nampol found the suspected crocodile on an island near the scene where the attack happened. They promptly shot and killed it, and found more remains in its stomach. - 

2024-01-09  John Muyamba

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