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Ex-councillor has ‘propensity to commit crime’

2022-09-14  John Muyamba

Ex-councillor has ‘propensity to commit crime’

RUNDU – Former Nkurenkuru constituency councillor Damian Nakambare was denied bail by the prosecution on grounds that he has demonstrated a propensity to commit similar crimes or cases while on bail, due to the seriousness of the case against him and that the investigations are at an initial stage.

The prosecution also revealed that Nakambare has a pending case of attempted murder in which he was previously granted bail in the same court, and he has another case of theft before the Rundu Magistrate’s Court.

“We are objecting to bail due to the seriousness of the charges against the accused person, the fact that the investigations are still at an initial stage, the accused person has a propensity to commit a crime and he has another pending matter of attempted murder coming from Ncaute district – I understand he still has another theft case in Rundu,” said public prosecutor Godfry Shivolo, who represented the State in the matter.

The accused appeared in the Kahenge Periodic Court in Kavango West before magistrate Barry Mufana.

The Kavango West police arrested Nakambare on Sunday afternoon at Mayara village when he allegedly shot and wounded his 42-year-old relative after an intense argument. 

He allegedly shot the victim in the presence of the police, who were attending to his complaint, which he brought to their attention regarding his nephew, who refused to give him his car keys.

 While the police were trying to separate them, he just pulled out his gun and shot at the victim, who is now being treated in the Nankudu district hospital after he sustained serious injuries.

According to the police, it is alleged the suspect shot the victim with a nine-millimetre pistol in the lower abdomen.

Nakambare was charged with attempted murder and contravening Section 38 of the Arms and Ammunition Act, Act 7 of 1996, discharging a firearm in a public place.

Nakambare’s case was postponed to 8 November for further police investigations and for the accused to acquire legal representation of his choice. 

He was also explained his right to formal bail application if he wished to be released on bail.


2022-09-14  John Muyamba

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