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Geingob was a beacon of hope - Masubia leaders

2024-02-12  Albertina Nakale

Geingob was a beacon of hope - Masubia leaders

BUKALO - The Masubia Traditional Authority pinpointed that one of late President Hage Geingob’s most admirable qualities was his inclusive leadership style, which he aptly termed as the “Namibian house”.

This heartfelt message of gratitude was extended to Geingob’s family and Namibia at large by Masubia Traditional Authority Ngambela (prime minister) Albius Kamwi during the Bukalo Village Council candlelight vigil held on Friday in loving memory of the late Geingob.

“May the creator be kind to Madam [Monica] Geingos and family. His Excellency Dr Geingob has gone to his ancestors and fellow gallant freedom fighters such as Tobias Hainyeko, Richard Kapelwa Kabajani, Greenwell Simasiku Matongo and other revered heroes and heroines. May his soul rest in eternal glory,” Kamwi consoled the nation. 

He maintained president Geingob was not merely a leader; “he was a beacon of hope, a visionary whose leadership style transcended boundaries and united all under the banner of progress and inclusivity”. 

Kamwi characterised Geingob’s tenure as unwavering dedication to democracy, equality, and social justice.

The Masubia leadership says Geingob believed in fostering a society where everyone’s voice mattered, where diversity was celebrated, and where unity was forged through understanding and mutual respect.

Equally, the leaders feel under Geingob’s guidance, Namibia flourished as a shining example of harmony amidst diversity, a testament to his profound belief in the strength of inclusivity.

Further, the Masubia Traditional Authority remembers president Geingob’s leadership, which was marked by a rare blend of wisdom, compassion and foresight. 

“He possessed the remarkable ability to listen intently to the concerns of the people, to empathise with their struggles, and to chart a course towards a brighter future for all Namibians. His commitment to uplifting the marginalised, empowering the youth, and ensuring economic prosperity for every citizen reflected his deep-rooted belief in the inherent dignity and potential of every individual,” Kamwi said.

The leadership consoled Namibians and mourners beyond the borders, saying, “As we reflect Geingob’s tenure, let everyone remember his tireless efforts in promoting peace, stability and development both within the country and across the African continent”. 

Bukalo village council chief executive officer Anna Sazita described Geingob as a hero and Namibian icon. “He had a heart of humanity. He was a great leader. We have all the reasons to acknowledge him. We are all heartbroken in Namibia. May his legacy continue,” she noted.

Meanwhile, former Swapo district coordinator for Katima Rural Jerome Kwenani praised Geingob for his Harambee Prosperity Plan initiative to build and foster a Namibian house. “I will not forget the late president. He didn’t believe in regionalism and tribalism. He had a jovial personality. He would crack jokes. I will remember him as humble person with a good personality,” Kwenani remembered. 


2024-02-12  Albertina Nakale

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