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Hakusembe preaches unity 

2023-09-26  John Muyamba

Hakusembe preaches unity 

Swapo Rundu urban district coordinator Gabriel Hakusembe, who retained his position last week, has called on his comrades to unite and work hard to achieve the party’s goals in Kavango East.

Hakusembe also denounced tribalism and division tendencies amongst party members. 

“Just to remind you that don’t fall victim or into a trap of those who are having bitter dreams and selfish interests that will collapse our Swapo Party in the process. Let’s join hands and root out the spirit of tribalism, division and rumours. Kavango East region is in unity of purpose. As for those who are walking in two ways, they should come back and join the majority because majority rules,’’ he said in an interview recently. 

Hakusembe has been the coordinator of the Rundu district since taking over from Malakia Muranda in 2019.

During the district conference held last Monday, Hakusembe garnered 144 votes, defeating his competition John Luseke, who managed only three votes.


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Meanwhile, Annalisa Muranda was elected as the new district mobiliser with 137 votes, beating incumbent Francisco Malwa, who managed only 10 votes. Joseph Ndumba, who held the position of district treasurer, was replaced by Andreas Moses, who scored 140 votes, while Ndumba received only six. “Dear comrades and leaders assigned to the Kavango East region present here, we have witnessed the love and trust of my comrades. This is memorable and historical. A sign of unity of purpose. I, therefore, congratulate everyone present here for the love of our party,’’ Hakusembe

“I’m not celebrating my victory now because we have a task ahead of us for general, regional and local elections.

The Rundu urban district, Hakusembe said, is in full support of “our first female presidential candidate, Meme Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwa. We are rallying behind her”. -

2023-09-26  John Muyamba

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