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Health services brought closer

2023-03-27  Victoria Kaapanda

Health services brought closer

Iipanda Yamiti residents in the Omusati region will no longer have to travel vast distances to Oshikuku, Oshakati and Outapi for basic health services. 

This had been a sad reality that they had become accustomed to for decades.

It will now change after the Oikokola primary healthcare clinic was officially opened by Minister of Health and Social Services Kalumbi Shangula in the Etayi constituency last week. The clinic’s construction was funded by the government at a cost of N$17.9 million.

Shangula said the event restored hope in a largely destitute community where minor illnesses such as flu, respiratory infections and other diseases were left untreated due to the unavailability of transport. He noted that primary healthcare is the foundation for a stronger health system.

“Healthcare services are thus brought closer to Oikokola village and its surrounding areas to cut the long distances people had to travel to reach health facilities,” he stated.

The minister added that the government’s top goal continues to be the provision of healthcare services to the public.

Government has thus made a conscious effort to ensure Namibians in all regions of the nation, particularly those in rural areas, have access to the facilities and services they require because these populations were the most disenfranchised during the period of colonialism and oppression under apartheid.

“The government has collaborated and still collaborates with friends of Namibia and our development cooperation partners to execute measures aimed at enhancing socio-economic services, including healthcare,” Shangula said.

He continued that these initiatives are paying off, and he knows Namibians will continue to gain from them in the present and the future.

“It took many hours, days and months of labour to realise the dream of opening the Iipanda Yamiti Primary HealthCare Clinic,” Shangula noted.

“Thanks to all of our team’s hard work, this clinic is now ready to provide services to this community, and is standing here. I genuinely appreciate all of your efforts in making this dream a reality,” said the minister. He also urged the staff of the new facility to jealously guard it and take excellent care of it.  


2023-03-27  Victoria Kaapanda

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