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Kunene education fund raises N$500 000

2022-11-24  Staff Reporter

Kunene education fund raises N$500 000

Selma Gumbo


OUTJO – Kunene Regional Council has raised over N$500 000 for the regional development fund during the gala dinner, held last Saturday in Outjo. The aim of the fund is to financially assist needy students admitted to institutions of higher learning.

The Kunene Regional Development Fund was established in 2007 to solicit
funds for learners in the Kunene region, who are from poor households. The fund financed 83 youths since inception at N$285 000. 

Speaking at the occasion, chairperson of Kunene Regional Council management committee Hendrik Gaobaeb said the fund identifies regional priority needs and plans to accomplish its purpose by initiating various fundraising activities, such as this gala dinner to solicit funds.  

He noted the region is faced with challenges of school leaving youth without opportunities to further their studies, the situation compounded by a lack of tertiary institutions and high poverty levels.

Minister of the Education, Arts and Culture Anna Nghipondoka, who was nominated as the fund’s patron, applauded the regional leadership and encourage them to continue serving the community.

“This is a noble idea that demonstrates responsive leadership and hence allows me to commend the regional leadership for this initiative and encourage them to continue serving the communities. This effort has a direct impact on addressing the challenges and would see an increase in youth enrollment at an institution of higher learning, improved universities and vocational completion and graduation rate,” said Nghipondoka. In a speech read on her behalf, Namibia National Students Organisation (Nanso) president Lucia Ndishishi assured the council of their full support. “Our presence here is to mark our willingness to work with Kunene Regional Development Fund to ensure the beneficiaries of the fund receive holistic support that enables maximised academic output,” assured Ndishishi.

The gala dinner was held under the theme ‘Bridging Towards Equitable and Quality Education for Financially Disadvantaged Kunene Youth’.

*Selma Gumbo is an information officer for MICT in the Kunene region.

2022-11-24  Staff Reporter

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