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Nkurenkuru mayor courts investors

2023-07-06  John Muyamba

Nkurenkuru mayor courts investors

NKURENKURU – Nkurenkuru mayor Jafet Muti has called on investors to consider investing Nkurenkru as the region’s one urban centre. The mayor said Nkurenkuru has an abundance of investments that investors can look into.

Muti recently spoke to New Era on the sidelines of the just-ended Expo, held at the town from 26 June to 1 July. “We have a lot of business opportunities in our town,” he said.

“Let’s perhaps start with urban agriculture. We have vast land at Kahenge within our town boundaries, where we have surveyed and demarcated pieces of land, and it is waiting for agriculture investors who wish to invest in urban agriculture to lease,” Muti noted.

He indicated that amongst a heap of investment opportunities, local authorities also boast opportunities in the area of real estate and infrastructure development. 

“We want investors to take up the opportunity to invest in real estate at our town. There is a serious demand for shopping malls in our town that will attract retailers and so on. We have the buying power; despite having a population of about 15 000 inhabitants, we have a broader catchment area. As you know, Nkurenkuru is the only urban centre in the region – Katwitwi, Mpungu, Rupara and other villages all come to shop here, including the villages across the Kavango river – they all shop in Nkurenkuru,’’ Muti said.

The mayor noted that Nkurenkuru has few service providers, including government institutions. He pointed out that the majority of service providers currently rent office space, hence the demand for property investment.

“If investors take up these opportunities, they will recoup their investments in no time, as the demand is high; you know our town is growing fast as per the demand. However, as a council, we can’t provide facilities due to availability of finance but we can meet investors halfway if they come to the party,’’ Muti noted.

Apart from the demand for shopping facilities, the mayor said office space remains in high demand. 

He added that local inhabitants are being deprived of necessary services, as offices are unable to fully setup shop at the town due to lack of facilities. 

Muti also told New Era there is a visible demand for private schools at the town. 


2023-07-06  John Muyamba

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