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Shambyu hompa Kanyetu finally installed

2023-07-11  John Muyamba

Shambyu hompa Kanyetu finally installed

KAYENGONA – Internal squabbles among traditional leaders should be avoided at all cost as it causes ructions within the affected community and leads to vast amounts of money spent by the taxpayer.

Urban and Rural Development minister Erastus Uutoni said divisions and disputes among royal families do not only prolong the filling of the leadership gaps, but also create unnecessary disunity and holds the entire community back from moving forward.

Uutoni made the remarks in his speech, read on his behalf by his deputy Natalia /Goagoses, during the inauguration of the vaShambyu leader, hompa Sofia Mundjembwe Kanyetu on Saturday at the Shambyu Palace at Kayengona village, Kavango East.

“These divisions and disputes among members of the same royal family and community create unnecessary disunity and holds the entire community back from moving forward and to uphold the legacy of peace and oneness that the departed leader or leaders worked so hard to instil in the collective interest of all members of the community,’’ he said.

Uutoni further said the persistent squabbles and disputes over leadership successions have become a common occurrence in various communities around the country including in the Shambyu community. 

“Hompa Kanyetu and her followers know exactly what I am talking about. I am happy that the dispute in your case has finally been resolved, although through the courts instead of consensus among the community,’’ he said. 

The minister noted government has incurred expenditure in commissioning investigations into and aimed at resolving these disputes, which are often avoidable if parties exercise tolerance and respect laid down customary laws and traditional norms. “My humble appeal to all is for greater tolerance and the respect for our customary laws and norms. Today’s event is not only significant for the members of the Shambyu traditional community who for some time now, indeed a long time, have been looking forward to this day when their chosen leader takes her rightful place on the chieftainship throne,” he noted.

Hompa Kanyetu was initially coronated in 2016 but due to the standoff between two Shambyu royal families about who should be the next traditional leader, her rival Maria Haindaka approached the courts to fight her designation and that dragged on since 2016 to last month when the Supreme Court ruled in favour of Kanyetu.

“My Shambyu subjects, I want you to work together, to respect one another as well as our tribe and fellow Namibians,’’ said the designated Shambyu leader Kanyetu in which the source of traditional power and authority is vested within the Shambyu Traditional Authority. 

Hompa Kanyetu encouraged the youths to take their studies seriously and ensure a better prospect not only for Shambyu but for the country. 

“As your leader, I accept my designation from government and I want to assure you that I have accepted my position and will take my duties as expected and how my elders did along with the Namibian law,” Hompa Kanyetu noted.


2023-07-11  John Muyamba

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