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Teacher by profession but musician by heart 

2021-07-09  Festus Hamalwa

Teacher by profession but musician by heart 

Johannes Eddy-More Martin is a 25-year-old teacher in love with music, especially Afro-pop.

Martin started making music while still at school in 2009 when he used to have rap battles, and only got to record his first song in 2019.

“Music speaks to my soul, music calms me down, and the thing with music is that it enables me to touch a lot of lives and spread love. Sometimes you are just going through so much, and music brings back your broken smile,” he told VIBEZ! recently.

He said being a teacher does not mean he cannot use his talent as nothing makes him happier than making and listening to music.

The full-time teacher at the Shoopala Combined School said he has inspired many youths in his village, especially those who do not have a vision.

Martin said he is not really inspired by an individual artist, but was inspired by different sounds, more so Nigerian sounds.

“I am planning on dropping one album later this year, and so far I have eight albums out.” 

He said being an artist is not easy as he has to go through challenges, but he remains determined to make sure his songs educate and entertain everyone.

“I think music was born within me. I just need the courage to get into the studio and actually put words on a beat. Plus, I would also say the fans - after dropping the first song, which was actually gifted to someone special - kept asking for more, day in and day out.” 

Martin said with Covid-19, things are really hard to predict. But he sees himself growing in the music industry, and being one of the best Afro-Pop artists in the country.

He has performed at quite a few occasions, including weddings and local shows. In May, he performed at Jessica’s Guest House, hosted by Cassie Jessica.

But teaching remains his second passion.

“The youth must align their goals, and get one thing done at a time. If you are in school, finish school first, then get a career that will fund all your music needs. 

“Music needs time, just as much as school. You mix the two, the fun one always wins. They must also refrain from substance abuse by all means. Stay home and stay safe,” he advised.

2021-07-09  Festus Hamalwa

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