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We want to offer happiness to others

2021-08-09  Festus Hamalwa

We want to offer happiness to others

Twins Jansen Demetrius Kamhulu and Jonsen Henrik Kamhulu are teachers by profession, and love to make people happy with their music.

They told VIBEZ! that they care for people, and became musicians to offer happiness to others as people listen to music when they are depressed and it relaxes their minds. Also, their music contains some lessons which they want to teach others. 

The two are into Afro-pop, Kwaito and traditional music, and joined the music industry in 2013. However, they were not active because their parents were not supporting their idea of studying and doing music at the same time.  “Our parents had a fear that we might end up choosing music over studying, so we were just dropping singles here and there,” they explained.

They finished school, and one is teaching at the Haimbili Haufiku SSS and the other at the Onambutu Combined School.

The 29-year-old twins started to be actively involved in music in 2018, and dropped their first album in 2019 titled ‘Arrival of the Twins’.

Currently, we are busy working on our second album, which is halfway done. We are just busy mixing and mastering the songs, and in our upcoming album, we have worked with artists like D-Kandjafa, Mushe, Young T, Tequila, Makilla, K-Dio, Nyakatie vibes, Vierra, Ras Bozza, SADDY, King Mex, Jkambo and Ricky the rapper.”

The twins are inspired by Jkambo and Bantu.

“We approached them, and showed our interest in music. We then started performing with them as back-up performers until we started recording our own singles and started recording our own albums. We really thank them for the support they gave us.”

 The look-alikes always had shows at school tournaments and performed during holidays, especially in December, at their village. 

“To our fellow youths – take your education seriously, take care of your bodies, and do whatever you are good at. Go for it if you can. Respect the elders. There will be a time when you feel defeated, but don’t give up to attain your goals,” they advised.


2021-08-09  Festus Hamalwa

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