Infanticide accused awaits mental observation

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Infanticide accused awaits mental observation

A woman accused of killing her newborn, cutting open her stomach and removing the bowels, is yet to undergo psychiatric evaluation.

State prosecutor Victoria Likius informed the court last week that investigations into the matter have not been completed as the accused, Yoolokeni Haipinge (26), is yet to be mentally observed.

“The investigating officer has informed us that the mental hospital has indicated there are only eight beds available. Thus, the accused is on the waiting list and once a bed is available, the hospital will inform the police,” explained Likius.

Magistrate Venatius Alweendo postponed the matter to 14 March for mental observation.

During Haipinge’s first court appearance in December last year, the State made a request to have her submitted for psychiatric evaluation. They indicated at the time that the mental observation report is required by the Prosecutor General to assist in making her decision on the matter.

Her lawyer Enos Mwakondange informed the court of Haipinge’s wish to be released on bail, and that he will engage the State and her family. 

Currently, Haipinge is facing charges of abortion, murder, attempting to or defeating the course of justice, and violating a dead body.  

According to police reports, the accused, who was employed as a domestic worker at a residence in Windhoek’s Rocky Crest, is said to have given birth to a baby girl in a bathtub between 11 and 12 December 2021. 

It is alleged that she wrapped the baby in plastic bags and hid the body in the closet of her sleeping room.

After some time, she allegedly went and removed the plastic, cut the body open, removed the intestines, threw the (intestines) in the dustbin and placed the body back in the closet. 

On the following Monday, the owner of the house investigated where an unpleasant smell was coming from. 

Upon searching the suspect’s room, she discovered a plastic containing a body of a baby girl with an open stomach. 

The body was in a decomposed state.

Police officials who responded to the call later also discovered the infant’s intestines in the bin.