Investigation incomplete in N$1.9 million medical fraud

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WINDHOEK- Windhoek Magistrates Court postponed the case of a Windhoek City Police Constable who is facing fraud charges in connection with N$1.9 million in medical benefits due to incomplete police investigations.

During his appearance in court, 55-year old Abiud Naganene, was informed that investigations into his fraud case have not yet been completed. Thus, the court postponed the matter to March 12, 2019 in order to give ample time to the police to complete their investigations. 

Naganene was arrested in October by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) for fraudulently making use of one of his children’s identity document, who is a beneficiary on his medical aid, in order to claim for and receive medical benefits for a child of his sister.

The police constable is currently facing charges of fraud and falsification of documentations with an intent to mislead, all charges under the ACC Act. According to the ACC, following the death of his child, and the corruption was discovered, he could not allow the living child to be registered as deceased whilst he was still alive. Medical benefits were allegedly obtained in excess of N$1 902 930. 84, which his sister would have been responsible for paying out of her own pocket in lieu of the medical aid fund. In addition, various hospital documentations and other medical institutions were allegedly supplied with admission forms that allegedly contained falsified information in respect to the real identity of the patient. Currently on bail of N$15 000, the court extended his bail. Naganene was warned to make an appearance in court as scheduled or risk having a warrant of arrest issued against him and his bail money forfeited to the state.