Kaptein Tswazi’s ‘Skippa’ scores million views

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Kaptein Tswazi’s ‘Skippa’ scores million views

Milton Mootseng, popularly known as Kaptein Tswazi, has reached a milestone on his solo journey by reaching one million views on YouTube for his hit ‘Skippa’, featuring Chester House Prince, since posting it one year ago. 

Joining the likes of Teqla, Gazza, One Blood and Ethnix as some Namibian artists with over a million views, Kaptein said “all things happen for a reason, and I’m very much excited to hit a million views on YouTube”. 

“I never expected it, but God’s plans are not your plans – so they say. From the dusty streets of Katutura to a million views on YouTube – it is a massive achievement. A lot of established artists never reach a million – and for some, it took longer to reach. So, for me, it’s a huge achievement,” he expressed with joy. 

The former Tswazi group member lamented it has not been an easy journey to achieve this feat since parting ways with his band members in 2015. 

Kaptein said joining the ‘Million Views Club’ was always a goal for him as a solo artist since he did not achieve it with the group. 

“My reasoning is I wouldn’t have parted ways with the group if God didn’t have a different plan for me. So, to me, this is just the beginning of bigger and greater achievements to come, and a testament to what I can do.” 

He explained the idea behind the song with Chester House Prince came about unexpectedly when they were socialising. 

“I approached him and said we should do something for the festive season, but it was not a serious talk; just those moments you see each other and you just mention it. Two weeks passed and I decided to call him. Chester is a very creative artist – just like me, and it’s very easy to work with people like me, who are very quick on coming up with ideas, etc.” 

For now, the ‘I Do’ hitmaker plans to get corporate sponsors on board and do a ‘SKIPPA 1Mili Celebration Concert’ to give back to his supporters. 

“I just feel like we need to celebrate this milestone with them. I’m planning to start with the SKIPPA 1Mili Celebration roadshow next weekend (3 December) in Mariental at Last Drop. I’ll do five towns for now and I’ll go with one artist in each town. Dikbonez is selected for Mariental, which is the first show,” he said. 

In the meantime, he is working on new material and admits the hard work never stops. 

“To be born a winner is not an easy task because you have to go through all types of different trials to prove to the world that you were born a winner and that no one can take that away from you.” 

– slunyangwe@nepc.com.na