MAWLF vaccinates over 120 000 cattle for FMD

MAWLF vaccinates over 120 000 cattle for FMD

OSHAKATI – Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform executive director Ndiyakupi Nghituwamata has said a total of 121 079 cattle have been vaccinated against Foot and Mouth Disease  during the current financial year.

Nghituwamata, during an engagement with various management heads within the ministry from all 14 regions at Oshakati on Monday, said of this number, 108 422 cattle, were vaccinated in infected zones and 12 657 were vaccinated in protection areas.

Additionally, a total of 26 970 cattle were tagged with official ear tags by veterinary officials.

“Animal disease surveillance is a major activity of the Directorate of Veterinary Services” she said.

She further added that routine active and passive surveillance activities include farm inspections, community visits, ante- and post-mortem inspections at abattoirs, supervision and livestock inspections at livestock auctions, export inspection and certification, as well as inspection of imported animals and animal products.

Meanwhile, she indicated that a total of 25 089 dogs and cats were vaccinated against rabies in the Northern Communal Areas in the current financial year.

The engagement with the ministry’s various management heads ends on Friday.