Misunderstanding leads to suspect being freed – Ndeitunga

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The Inspector General of the Namibian police, Lieutenant-General Sebastian Ndeitunga, says the notion that a suspect wanted in connection with several house break-ins, who was let go by police officers last Tuesday, was let go on purpose is wrong.

“The City Police officials have malicious intent for running to the media,” the police chief added. Ndeitunga informed New Era that he wants the City Police and the Namibian police to work together. He said City police officers should have informed him, the regional commander, or even the minister of safety and security “before running to the media.”

Ndeitunga added that the suspect, who was arrested last week Tuesday by City Police officials, was charged with assault by threat, and was not charged with common assault.
“One does not need to be detained on a charge assault by threatening, but they can be charged,” Ndeitunga said. “I’m not saying that’s what happened, but that’s what I was informed.”

The police chief said the suspect was freed, because of a misunderstanding. He further said the other cases that the suspect was wanted on were not mentioned to the police. “Some information was kept by the City Police and not given to the police.”

Ndeitunga was in Lüderitz last week when the incident occurred. The suspect was released on Tuesday last week, only a few hours after setting foot in the Windhoek police station.
Ndeitunga explained that police officers do not have the right to release repeat offenders on admission of guilt. The suspect was supposed to go to court and file a formal bail application. He told New Era that on less serious matters, suspects do not have to be detained immediately.

Last Tuesday a housebreaking suspect was nabbed, but not before exchanging blows with a member of the City police. Two City police officers fought with the suspect, who was resisting arrest and attempted to run over one of the officers, who was on a motorbike, to try and get away in his red BMW X5.

One of the officers had to shoot at the car’s tyres to force it to a standstill. When the suspect got out of his vehicle, he came out with fists flying. The incident was filmed by witnesses and the video went viral after it was posted online.
The Namibian reported on Friday that the suspect was arrested for eight other cases, two of which have warrants of arrest have been issued for, as well as seven other warrants of arrest for traffic violations. One was recorded at the Windhoek police station for roof cutting in 2007, another was at Wanaheda on assault to do grievous bodily harm in 2008, it was reported.

“He was also arrested in Windhoek for housebreaking and theft cases reported at Keetmanshoop in 2009 and in 2011 he was arrested for cases reported at Okahandja and in Windhoek after he had cut roofs to gain entry into houses. In 2012, the suspect was arrested for assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm and he was also arrested in Windhoek for being found in possession of housebreaking equipment in 2013. His last recorded crime is theft committed in Windhoek in January this year,” it was further reported.