NSK launches podcast, website… as he chases international shores

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NSK launches podcast, website… as he chases international shores

Since joining the New Era family as a column writer in 2014, Denzel Leroy //Naobeb, better known as NSK – which is short for ‘Naobeb Se Kind’ – is a good example of how a brand can evolve.

 Having embarked on his journey in radio back in 2010, NSK has exemplified how a personal brand cannot only endure in the industry but also diversify into new ventures that remain intricately intertwined with the realms of media and entertainment. He continues to leave an indelible mark on the media landscape through his distinct style of thought-provoking interviews and innovative content creation.

 The husky-voiced presenter has been addressing many issues in this paper’s VIBEZ! lifestyle and entertainment section over the years but has since taken it up a notch by turning his #Industry Loop column into a much-talked-about podcast. “It was only right to visualise the column. We are in an era where innovation is key. Innovation has been a key theme of #IndustryLoop. It was only right to walk the talk,” stated NSK.

 As many of his peers are gravitating to the new methods of connecting to their audience, NSK feels he is not doing it because everybody is clout-chasing these days. “We are visualising #IndustryLoop on the backdrop of having established some sort of respect from all quarters of the Namibian entertainment and arts industry. I’ve authored this column since 2014. Who are these ‘everybodys?’ that are kama podcasting? What have you done for the ordinary Namibian to accept your podcast as a point of reference? So yes, it was important for us to step up and visualise #IndustryLoop so as to provide this industry a one-stop shop for everything entertainment and arts.”



 Some of the guests who have been featured thus far on his podcast with the same name as his column since it first aired on all New Era platforms (Facebook, X, Instagram and YouTube) on 27 July 2023 include, Jericho, Sula Kyababa, Pombili Shilongo, Top Cheri, Leonard Witbeen, and these interviews have had some riveting views and comments that might prove to be a game changer with the formulae he is using. “The guests featured so far are leaders in their different spheres. They are extraordinary Namibians who have excelled in an otherwise unforgiving and unpatriotic Namibia. It’s brands that are not afraid to own their truth. 

“This is how we go about choosing or accepting a request to feature a personality on the podcast: Are they ready to own their truth? It’s a podcast for goodness sake! Not a radio interview or a job interview. The guest should be ready to address everything head-on, clarify whatever needs clarification and again…own their truth! We do not provide questions. We do not prep you for anything. Just understand that it is a podcast and that we will ask you about everything with regard to your brand. If a personality is ready to understand that and ready to rumble, they will have their day in the spotlight,” he explained.



As if that was not enough, the media mogul in the making recently launched his website called www.nskgmtm.com, which is a true testament that he invests in his brand. “You cannot be a professional entertainer in 2023 and not have a landing page. And no, your socials are not enough. We are at a level where we are in and out of boardrooms. We are chasing international shores. If the powers that be in these boardrooms and the big international players are to take me and my work seriously, a professional landing platform was necessary.”



NSK knew early in his life he would be in the spotlight; it’s something that he was born with, he said. “So, for me it was simple – find a discipline that will put a roof over your head while mastering other forms of this beautiful industry. I am an award-winning radio personality. I am an award-winning actor, a columnist, an MC, a DJ, It’s endless.”

 Having recently landed a role in ‘Penda’s Dilemma’ which is currently on Showmax, the next chapter for the multi-talented Walvis Bay entertainer is to conquer the film industry. “I have won an accolade but that’s not necessarily my measure of success for me in this industry. But that’s just the start. I want more features on Showmax, DSTV Stream and Netflix. I want Africa. I want the world. I will not be limited to the land of the brave. So, expect serious aggression going forward in that space from NSK.”



DJ Kboz 

Meanwhile, this week’s podcast episode features DJ Kboz, whom NSK refers to as a legend without necessarily explaining to the ordinary person on the street why they are gifting him that title. “This episode will contextualise how he earned that title. This is a man who unapologetically believes in love. He is unto his second marriage. This podcast will unearth why he is such a sucker for love. Remember, own your truth!” 


See this week’s column on Page 22. 

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