Oshikoto man buries son alive

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OMUTHIYA – A man from Onandhi in the Onankali area of Oshikoto Region has been arrested for murder after allegedly burying his two-year-old son alive. 

The tragic incident happened on Tuesday. According to the police, the suspect, a 26-year-old man, took the victim from the house, placed him in a bag before burying him in a shallow grave. Oshikoto regional crime investigations coordinator Naomi Katjiua said the victim was born with a permanent disability and could not walk. “The deceased Josef Tuyenikumwe Nghuumbwavali was brought to the suspect’s house by his mother on Saturday from Outapi with the aim of placing the child under the care of the paternal grandmother,” stated Katjiua. 

The suspect cannot be named, as he has not appeared in court yet. “He will appear as soon as police investigations on the ground have been concluded,” she added. 

In an unrelated incident, the police are searching for a 16-year-old male suspect who fled at Oneumba near Oniipa after attempting to rape a teenage girl. It is alleged that the suspect found the victim, who is also 16, lying on the bed in her sleeping room when he stormed in, then threatened the girl before forcefully undressing her. 

Katjiua said the suspect proceeded to insert two fingers in the girl’s private parts before she managed to escape. Police investigations continue.