Stabbing spree suspect too drunk to recall fatal attacks

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WINDHOEK – A resident of Tses in the Keetmanshoop district claimed during his plea on two murder and three attempted murder charges that he was too drunk at the time of committing the offences to remember exactly what had transpired. 

According to Ronald Goliath, 30, he had consumed a lot of alcohol during the day of 27 April 2012 and has no recollection of what had happened in the early hours of 28 April when it is alleged he killed Samuel Jossob, Julius Kenneth Hangue and attempted to murder Alfred Frederick Kisting, Chedric Raymond Williams and Remantha Hill by stabbing them.

 He entered pleas of not guilty on all charges before Windhoek High Court Acting Judge Claudia Claasen this week, but wanted to plead guilty to the murder of Hangue, but did not admit intention. 
The judge then entered a plea of not guilty. 

According to the indictment, the accused was at a nightclub in Tses during the late night hours of 27 April 2012 and the early morning hours of 28 April 2012, armed with a knife, and started stabbing patrons at the club at random. 

He allegedly first stabbed Jossob three times in his head, back and chest, causing him to die from his injuries. He then allegedly stabbed Hangue in the neck causing him too to die. 

It is further alleged that Goliath then tried to kill Kisting by stabbing him all over his body, but only managed to stab him in the arm whereafter he stabbed Williams in the area of his eyes. He then stabbed Hill in her chest and shoulder, it is further stated. 

Two state witnesses testified yesterday that Goliath was very drunk when they encountered him on that fateful night. 

Zita Cloete and Llewellyn Lucas told the court there was no altercation or argument between Goliath and any of the victims and that he just started stabbing people for no reason. 

According to Lucas, he saw the accused about five to ten minutes before stabbing Jossob and that he was staggering while running towards Jossob.  He further said that there were no words spoken by either the deceased or the accused. The matter is continuing today and Goliath remains in custody at the Windhoek Correctional Facility’s section for trial-awaiting inmates. 
Jermaine Muchali represents him on instructions of legal aid, while Basson Lilungwe represents the state.