PDM promises to empower street vendors

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PDM promises to empower street vendors

SWAKOPMUND – Popular Democratic Movement candidate Leilani Pashecka believes that she is the right candidate to make positive changes in Swakopmund if elected into office.

 Pashecka, who is known to be passionate about social welfare, health, safety and education, is one of eight candidates that will be contesting for the Swakopmund constituency councillor position tomorrow.

 Pashecka said she wants to
empower small and medium enterprises as well as street vendors while she also wants to lobby for police stations in Ocean View and the Democratic Resettlement Community (DRC).

 “PDM can make a huge impact in Swakopmund if you vote for me. We know that our party is passionate about housing and wants to accelerate the servicing of land and low-cost housing in the town. However, this can only happen if you go out in numbers and vote for me to be your next constituency councillor,” Pashecka said.

 According to her, each and every political party has been promising heaven on earth but PDM is different and result-driven. 

 She added her party has a positive footprint all over the country hence can make positive changes in Swakopmund too.

“PDM is development driven, each and every Namibian counts when it comes to our party. We also have a number of issues we want to address that range from housing, and youth unemployment as well as creating opportunities for our youth to access mainstream economic benefits. Therefore, vote for change. Vote for PDM as each and every vote
counts.”  – edeklerk@nepc.com.na