UPM candidate: Vote for change and see changes

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UPM candidate: Vote for change and see changes

SWAKOPMUND – The United People’s Movement candidate for the Swakopmund constituency by-election has urged all residents of Swakopmund to go out and vote for him if they want change. 

Bernhardt von Seydlitz, who is a familiar face in the streets of DRC settlement in Swakopmund, says he wants to make a difference in the lives of ordinary residents that have been let down for years.

He said he wants to focus on the provision of land, housing and proper services, especially for the residents of DRC where there is a great need.

“I want to make a mark in the lives of ordinary citizens, therefore, I am not standing to lose. I want to win for my people,” the UPM candidate said.

Von Seydlitz, a 70-year-old retired civil servant, said he has seen the struggle of the majority of the town’s residents, especially when it comes to affordable housing, land, and employment creation.

“The endless battle of local authorities to cope with the demands of urbanisation is no secret and that is why land occupation is high on our agenda. Therefore, vote for me,” Von Seydlitz said.

According to him, UPM is conscious of the fact that improving the lives of the citizenry without land is a challenge that needs to be tackled in Swakopmund.

“However, it is up to you, the voters of the Swakopmund constituency, to go in numbers to elect the person and movement that will best represent you. I understand the concerns and plights of my fellow residents and, therefore, wish to assure you of my intention to bring positive tangible changes to burning issues,” he said.