• September 30th, 2020

209 GBV-related deaths in four years

WALVIS BAY - The severity of domestic abuse, rape and passion killing was once again highlighted during the launch of the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence (GBV) in Walvis Bay on Friday. 
Grim statistics revealed 209 domestic violence-related murders occurred since 2016 in the country, while 3936 rape cases were reported during that period.

A total of 772 rape cases, of which the majority of the victims are children, were reported between January and November this year in Namibia alone. Additionally, a total of 37 women were killed from January until September this year.  

Perpetrators of this crime, in the case of the children, either knew them or were close relatives. The figures cause concern that despite concerted efforts, women, children and other vulnerable members of society are still exposed or are victims to gender-based violence.

Statistics provided by the Namibian police on Friday further indicated 1063 rape cases were reported in 2016, 980 in 2017, and 1121 in 2018 in the country.

As for murders related to domestic violence: 53 in 2016, 58 in 2017, 61 in 2018 and 37 for this year between January and September were reported.

Police Inspector General Sebastian Ndeitunga says these figures clearly call for action through initiatives such as the 16 days of activism, as it provides an opportunity for all Namibians to voice explicitly the need to address issues such as domestic violence, which are mainly committed against women and children.

“It provides a chance for us to raise public awareness, particularly on a local and regional level. Hence, all stakeholders should embark on community mobilising and behavioural change communication programmes,” he said.

According to Ndeitunga, mass media strategies should also be exploited because they have proven effective in mobilising community-wide changes to influence and change social and gender norms.
Ndeitunga also emphasised the need to engage men and young boys in violence prevention through the male agents of change model, which promotes good gender norms and values.

Eveline de Klerk
2019-12-02 07:27:22 | 9 months ago

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