• July 14th, 2020

Adora hosts Die Eintlike Vibe show

All-round accomplished singer Lilani Kisting, also known as Adora, is not slowing down, as the year progresses. She has just been revealed as a presenter for a new music show called Die Eintlike Vibe, which just premiered on One Africa Television this week. 

The show is centred around engaging artists and getting deeper into conversation with them through their creative processes, and finding out what inspires them and touch into their personal lives.
She co-hosts the show, which is directed by her manager AB Pro, with well-known artist Tulisan.’’We aim to get the Namibian music listeners to understand the process and everything it takes to come up with the craft,’’ she explained.

The idea came about with the three of them working tirelessly behind the scenes, preparing for shows, and incorporating backstage moments into their performances. That was just the beginning of their filming. And they never imagined they would take the next step so soon on putting the show on tv.
The three double as producers of the show that has 11 episodes, which will air every Monday from at 19h00. 
Adora confessed to this reporter that they simply put the content together without a clue of what they would do with it. When they got the opportunity to present the show to the television station, they took it with both hands. 

‘’One Africa Television is opening doors for content creators and that’s the kind of support the creative industry needs. I never knew an opportunity like this would present itself. People always said I’ll make a good presenter and this is my chance to explore that avenue,’’ she said.

They are looking for more talent and encourage established and upcoming artists to contact them so that they can be featured on the show.

The bubbly singer could not contain her excitement when the first episode aired, taking to her social media announcing the show, which read: “My presenting career officially kicked off on @oneafrica_tv yesterday (Monday) and I didn’t even know. 

“!Ladies and gentlemen, this show is called #DieEintlikeVibe and with my co-host @tulisan_nam, we get into the deepest secrets, the challenges and inspirations of Namibian musicians. We created this platform for the nation to see a side of artists they never knew. ALL THIS, EXCLUSIVELY on our show. I’m over the moon about this new journey!!

Strauss Lunyangwe
2020-03-06 11:01:51 | 4 months ago

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