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Beating farming obstacles ...Hijangoro’s ascendance to elite breeding

2021-09-14  Charles Tjatindi

Beating farming obstacles ...Hijangoro’s ascendance to elite breeding

An unrelenting spirit has paid off for Tjipekapora Hijangoro who after many years of hard toil and experimenting with the Boer goat has emerged as one of the breed’s top producers.

It has not always been an easy ride; he has had to keep a positive attitude and keep going even when many of his livestock was persistently falling prey to predators.

Hijangoro farms on a communal plot he had erected for himself in the Eiseb area of the Omaheke region. He had baptised his plot ‘Ouua Boer goat, located on the edge of the Otjombinde constituency.

It is from here where, despite many challenges facing him, he had become a household name in Boergoat circles.

His farming journey dates back to 2014, when he bought his first breeding stock - a pack of five ewes from an established farmer in southern Namibia. At the time, it was all about satisfying his passion and love for the Boergoat. 

The ewes he bought were not stud animals, but were nonetheless quality livestock that had at the time sent tongues wagging. For some, it was a great effort and Hijangoro got a pat on the back for it. 

But to many others, it was a complete waste of money as they reasoned he should have brought at least more than double the number of goats he had.

At the time, Hijangoro was employed as a teacher at a school in the neighbouring Epukiro constituency.

“When I brought my first goats, I have no place to put them and resorted to placing them in the school garden which was still under development at the time.

“I kept them there until the school holidays and then took them home,” he said.

Home at the time was a place called Vasbyt, also located in the Omaheke region. He was farming under the tutelage of his uncle, Josephat Katjiteo.

But when the farming bug bit some years down the line, Hijangoro knew it was time for him to move on and explore more farming opportunities as he believed there could be more than what he is currently enjoying.

That was the birth of Ouua Boergoat Stud, and the farming star began to shine bright on Hijangoro’s fortunes.

“I left my uncle’s place with a few goats and then later bought more to start my stud farming journey with. I was inspired by many farmers who complimented my products and pushed me further,” he said.

Setting up his stud goat farming haven was not going to be easy; he has had to get past hordes of challenges such as limited water supply and the inhospitable environment of Eiseb Block, which is located several kilometres away from civilisation, as some would put it.

But it was the challenge of dealing with predators that prowl the area that proved a headache for the emerging farmer. 

“ I erected a small stock fence and was ready and excited to continue my farming journey. Little did I know that predators that lurk in the area would become a problem. I had to quickly change my game plan as I lost a lot of good production ewes to predators,” he said.

Eventually, Hijangoro would emerge as one of the most prolific Boer goat farmer in the region, and has also earned respect beyond regional borders.

According to Hijangoro, it is not about what you have, but more about what you do with what you have. He believes firmly in this philosophy, as he had to learn the hard way to appreciate it, he said. 

Hijangoro is also a firm believer in setting positive trends and trailblazing, as he reason that nothing evades hard work and passion combined.

“Nothing is impossible. Just believe and work on that dream. Forget about so-called weak markets; start what you must and create your own market,” he said.


2021-09-14  Charles Tjatindi

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