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DBN understands Namibian economic liberation struggle better – Mbambo

2019-02-05  John Muyamba

DBN understands Namibian economic liberation struggle better – Mbambo
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RUNDU - The Kavango East Regional Governor, Dr Samuel Mbambo, says the Development Bank of Namibia (DBN) is ideally placed to change the culture of reliance on the country’s neighbours and other countries. DBN, he says, must be one of the institutions that should take the lead in Namibia’s economic development struggle, adding that no other bank understands the Namibian economic liberation struggle better than the DBN.

Mbambo made these remarks on Friday when he officiated at the official openning of the DBN regional office here in Rundu.

“It is my conviction that the Development Bank of Namibia is in a good position to change the culture of dependency on our neighbours and other countries. That is why we are happy in this region to have a regional office of this institution,” he said.

Mbambo highlighted that the Kavango East Region has embarked on a food producing project called ‘Operation Werengendje’ as part of the Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP). The operation is aimed at fighting hunger and the eradication of poverty as well as to improve food security. Mbambo believes that DBN’s immediate presence in the region, which is often called the bread basket of Namibia, will bring positive change, particularly in the agri business sphere. 
“I’m convinced that with the DBN in our town, the agro economic industries will expand, I’m therefore happy to see that the DBN openned a regional office in our region. It could not come at a better time,” he noted.

Governor Mbambo during the occassion also noted that Namibia is blessed with visionary leaders, the founding fathers and mothers of our republic who had a dream called Vision 2030, in their visionary wisdom they would like to see Namibia being on par with developed countries of this world.

“They would like to see Namibia has moved on from a developing country to a developed country. As a nation that has a vision, we need a vehicle that will take us to that vision. This vehicle that is well-positioned and ready to take us there must be the DBN. It is pleasing to know that DBN has a department or section called the SME Department for the majority of our people who are doing business this is a welcoming development,” he said.

“As previously disadvantaged people in the business world, our people will have access to finances through the SME Department of the DBN. Kavango East Region has everything the bank is wishing for, it has a population and the potential, look at how Rundu is growing, I think you will agree with me that Rundu is one of the fastest growing towns in Namibia, we commend you DBN for the decision to bring your office to Kavango East Region,” he continued.

“The cattle herder has a philosophy, the philosophy is, if you want to be the best cattle herder you must herd, drive your cattle, herd on the pace of the weakest member of your herd, maybe its a calf that was born or a sick cow, this are the ones to determine the pace of your heard, if you allow the strongest ox or a bull to determine the pace of your movement from the field back home or to the river you will end up with a very small group of herd because others have been left behind,” Mbambo said.

“We are moving to Vision 2030 and on our road to that Vision 2030, let us remember the wisdom of a cattle herder, remember the weakest members of our community otherwise we will get to Vision 2030 with a very small number while the majority have been left behind,” Mbambo added.
The DBN Rundu branch is in Block A of the MVA Service Centre at ERF 2542 in Eugene Kakukuru Street, Rundu Main Road.

2019-02-05  John Muyamba

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