• April 1st, 2020

Expectant mother gives birth in pathway in Ombili

WINDHOEK- An expectant mother delivered a baby girl last Tuesday evening in a pathway after women from Ombili location and Namibian police members came to her aid.

Angelika Philipus, 31, walked for about 30 minutes from Omukwanangobe informal settlement around midnight to Ombili, after experiencing labour pains to look for taxi money to go to the hospital from an acquaintance in the area, but she could not get the money and decided to walk along the road in the hope to get a car to take her to the hospital when her water broke. That evening, a qualified first aider, Avo Emilio, 39, was in the company of her neighbours sitting outside a bar, just relaxing when Philipus passed by. Emilio said she saw an expectant mother passing by holding her back. She said her aunt ran to Philipus who was now standing to find out what was going on and she returned to inform them the woman was in labour. The women ran to get blankets and light outside to assist Philipus. 

Emilio ran to the road to get a taxi but it was unsuccessful. She sent her niece to the settlement to get a taxi driver to take Philipus to the hospital but it was also fruitless. When Emilio returned to the mother, the baby’s head was already out. “I made sure the baby landed on the towel we placed down,” said Emilio while adding she also managed to get the mother to push out the after birth.

Simultaneously, a Nampol member, sergeant Lisias Musewa from Wanaheda police station was called to the scene while driving in the area from a complain and he was stopped by people saying there is a woman giving birth. “Unfortunately, the network was a problem. We were two with constable Nangolo, and I instructed   him to go to Katutura hospital to pick up a nurse or either come with an ambulance,” stated Musewa who remained behind guarding the scene. Emilio proceeded searching for help, as they needed to get the mother and baby to the hospital. She made sure the baby was warm and nothing blocked her breathing.  The police returned with an ambulance and the personnel cut the umbilical cord and took the mother and baby. New Era visited the mother and baby on Friday in the company of Emilio and Musewa at their resident in Omukwanangobe settlement behind Ombili location. 

The unemployed mother said she didn’t have money and hence walking to Ombili location to borrow money. Philipus said the father of the baby had relocated to a coastal town in March this year and since he left, he never send her any money. Although they were communicating, she said nine months into her pregnancy, her partner was not replying her text messages or calls. 

Philipus smiled when she saw Emilio appreciative of how she assisted her. She recalled experiencing labour pains and walking to Ombili to ask for money.

“I am thankful to Emilio for assisting me. I have forgotten (Emilio’s face). She is the one who was hands on and using her phone to call for help,” she said.

There is not much in Philipus shack. The mother who previously sold Kapana said she didn’t have any money to buy anything apart from food.

She shared that her partner’s cousin is the one who bought her 10kg of maize meal to eat and the two outfits the baby have.

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2019-12-04 07:49:26 | 3 months ago

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