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Give unskilled jobs to all locals - !Aebes

2018-08-21  Staff Reporter

Give unskilled jobs to all locals - !Aebes

KHORIXAS - The secretary for trade and economic affairs for the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM), Esmeralda Esme Marina !Aebes, says unskilled work must be given to all unskilled locals rather than reserving such work for children of the liberation struggle.

“Struggle kids are being pumped into every unskilled job. Now permanent government vacancies are being reserved for them. What about the youth from Khorixas and the surrounding areas?” queried !Aebes. She emphasised that street cleaning does not require skills and that this type of job should be reserved for locals rather than only recruiting children of the liberation struggle and excluding others for such jobs.

She blasted the ruling Swapo Party for reserving jobs for children of the liberation whom she labelled ‘spoilt brats.’ !Aebes said she is in possession of the names of the children of the liberation struggle who are employed and currently there are some job vacancies reserved only for them.

!Aebes is pained that permanent government vacancies are reserved for the children of the liberation struggle who do not even go through interviews while thousands of youths are being sidelined.
!Aebes also claimed that positions such as that of an institutional worker at the settlement of Fransfontein is reserved for children of the liberation struggle. “Residents of Fransfontein settlement and other towns would not be given the job and someone, just because he or she is a ‘struggle kid’, will fill up. What about those people in Fransfontein who are employable?” !Aebes thundered.

!Aebes also accused Swapo Party of neglecting Khorixas and said that prior to elections the ruling party carried out major projects such as the vocational training center (VTC) just to garner votes.
She claimed most of the development at the town took place during the minority South African rule and that the current government has done nothing after independence.

“People vote every five years for change but nothing happens here (Khorixas). There is a low pass rate in Khorixas and instead of giving unskilled jobs to the locals, the spoilt brats are given jobs,” !Aebes said.

She added that major projects should be an ongoing process and should not be used as a campaign tool.

“It’s not only about elections to get votes but it’s about real development,” she advised.
She said the future of Khorixas residents lies in their hands and that change is not about the person they vote in but it must start with them. Residents were advised to elect leaders based on what they have to offer in terms of project implementation and job creation and not only on the basis of their parties.



2018-08-21  Staff Reporter

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