• February 26th, 2020

I made Sunday sessions popular - Webster

WINDHOEK - When one hears of a Sunday session, what comes to mind is getting together with friends after a hectic weekend and having a few drinks. 
Generally, this would lead to a drinking spree until the wee hours of the morning, making Monday a ‘Blue Monday’.

A few years back, popular master of ceremonies (MC), game show host and veteran disc jockey (DJ), Webster Snewe, started a slow jam session at a local hangout spot called Fountain. There, people had the opportunity to listen to golden oldies, smooth and jazz music, shying away from the house and Kwaito mainstream music, etc.

Webzido, as he is affectionately known, is glad that he has created an atmosphere where people would sit, relax, meet friends and have a pleasant conversation. 

“I started out at Fountain when the owner wanted me to help him promote the place on weekends, but I opted to play on Sundays to cater for a calmer and mature audience which grew over the years. I have been doing the Sunday sessions since 2004 and moved it to different venues and towns in the country,” he explained.

Snewe has built quite a following over the years, as people have followed him to the different venues where he has set up, proving that many have welcomed his therapy sessions. 
Some say people attending the sessions go there only to drink. To this, he said his mission is for the people to get together, relax and unwind so that they do not overdo it and wake up on a Monday with a clear head without a hangover.

Notable figures that have attended his sessions include the legendary Doctor Khumalo, DJ Styles, Bibloz from South Africa and prominent Namibian figures. 
The idea was planted by the late Eddie Zondie, who presented on Metro FM in South Africa, where he used to listen to his shows.

“He (Eddie Zondie) was one of the guys I used to listen to because he used to release compilations like Soul Sessions, Sunday Grooves and Eddie Compilations. This is where I coined the name Sunday Session,” Snewe added.

Snewe feels that he will still be doing what he loves until his voice gives in, as his career spans over three decades.

 “When my voice gets silent I will use my fingers to press the buttons to play music, if I can’t pick up a mic anymore. I won’t decide when to retire until God decides for me.” he ends.  
The pint-sized notable figure chooses venues that fit the feeling that he wants to give to his audience when he delivers classical jams, RnB and smooth jams. He feels patrons always leave his sessions fully nourished from the one thing everybody calls a universal language - music.


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