• October 25th, 2020

Letter - Drift away from the mentality of general writing

I have been reading the Namibian opinions through text and I have found that most writers don’t write from their hearts. Most writers just write about things on the surface. Hence their writing tone is plain predictable. The voice is often not loud. 
Living in an independent country should give us the right to talk things how they supposed to be told. Too often there have been titles which would be so informative and straightforward, but as I read on, the content diverts in the direction of generalisation. 

The youths of today, let’s refrain from general writing and write in a manner that captures people’s heart and mind. Write in such a way that conveys the focus of your message. I’m not only talking about the youths, educators and parents involved. This generation has failed to instill morals in children, as a result youths have drifted to seek inspiration and motivation through other sources such as the media. Yet we are completely surprised to see how the behaviour of the people is turning out currently. Our forefathers with the lack of all the vast conveniences present in this era achieved the peak of educating their children in most, if not all areas of life. 

Today’s educators and parents, educate their children like: study hard, respect elders, don’t get in relationships and so forth. This is too vague and general! It’s just a bunch of statements everyone says. Talk the talk and avoid going left or right. Instead go straight and hit the bullseye. 

Such statements are often used by politicians to boast about a bunch of things they will do afterwards they won’t even know how to do it. They lack the viable process to reach their objectives. 
After all, talk is cheap. It’s like having a goal to cross the river from one edge to another with no preparation – once in the water you lack the skills to swim. So the result is you will drown. This is how we convey our thoughts. In the end we just talk and write with no change and produce nothing.

In a nutshell, Namibians, let’s drift away from general writing otherwise we will just waste time and produce information that won’t bring change within people and society. It’s about time we started to write in a style that reaches people’s hearts and minds. 

Staff Reporter
2020-10-16 08:14:06 | 9 days ago

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