• August 3rd, 2020

Lockdown aftermath - survival of hybrids

Covid-19 has undeniably pushed forward the Fourth Industrial Revolution where workers are no more required to be hands on but are required to be computer savvy and mobile in terms of working from home and independently. This is on top of having other crucial social and technical skills.

The lockdown period, in line with government’s state of emergency, will have surely caused deep holes in reserves of companies. With the hope that the effects of the coronavirus pandemic would get better sooner, most companies have decided not to take drastic cost-cutting measures but rather endure the short period of cash flow hardship in order to resume business on a strong capacity base. With some of the white-collar service providers having to work from home during this period, employers will have had enough time to reflect on business efficiency and optimisation, perhaps realising how it is still possible to fully function but on a much lower operational cost. It won’t be surprising to hear that managements are busy engineering cost-reduction plans that including laying off “redundant” employees and only re-calling hybrids (those who are accustomed to working independently), also in the hope to recover from negative balances caused by the adverse economic effects of Covid-19. As an employee, it is important to realise that such a storm is on its way and probably inevitable. In order to sail through and come out strong on the other side, one needs to convert themselves into a hybrid. For example, as a manager, I would rather retain the confident, self-driven, technical and social hybrid Saara, then Josh, who is only good at numbers. It is perhaps also a good time for employees to reflect on their professional competences and start taking necessary steps to improving their skills arsenal. Volunteering to take on tasks, improving communication skills, pursue an online course, broadening your network, learning to become a team player and physical health are some of the necessary tasks and skills to attain during the lockdown period. The pandemic has surely exposed the shortcomings of most taught professionals and will open the doors to the multi-skilled, technology savvy and highly capable work force. As we move on from the lockdown, make sure you are not an afterthought. Keep Up! 

Staff Reporter
2020-04-30 10:18:10 | 3 months ago

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